According To A Report, Jim Jordan Walked Out Of Hearing About Sexual Assault Coverups

He knows what a piece of sh*t he is.

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In case you’ve ever found yourself wondering if GOP Representative Jim Jordan knows what a guilty piece of shit he is — the answer is a resounding yes.

Today, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on judicial sexual harassment and guess which Republican member of the House didn’t stick around to hear the end? That’d be Mr. Rapist-Sympathizer himself.

According to Megan Mineiro, a reporter with Courthouse News, Jordan walked out approximately one hour after it got started.

The hearing specifically surrounded the issue of sexual assault coverups, something that “Gym” is more than a little familiar with, and heard testimony from Olivia Warren who formerly served as a clerk for Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt — in which she detailed her experience of relentless harassment at the hands of her boss, but also being far too scared of retaliation to speak out up until Reinhardt’s death in 2018.

“My fear of retaliation is lessened because Judge Reinhardt is no longer on the bench,” Warren bravely revealed during this morning’s hearing. “My courage is bolstered by the brave women who have come before me.”

It’s certainly no secret that Jim Jordan has a personal connection to sexual assault and harassment coverups, having been accused during his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University of co-conspiring in a massive coverup of systematic sexual abuse within the school where multiple male wrestlers reported sexual abuse at the hands of the team doctor, Richard Strauss — as was noted by Mineiro in her social media report.

This certainly does nothing to help the GOP Rep’s already disgusting reputation, especially on the heels of a former OSU wrestling captain’s recent testimony to the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee that Jordan begged for his help in covering up the massive molestation scandal.

Is it guilt, Gym? Is that why you didn’t hang around? Or was it simply because you knew damn good and well that all eyes in that room would be on you as that brave woman told her story?

I’m personally leaning towards the latter.

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