According To An Executive, Jared Kushner Once Insinuated He Didn’t Care About Helping People

Just as pathetic an excuse of a human being as his father-in-law.

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President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner doesn’t care about helping people, according to a businessman who spoke to Vanity Fair as part of an explosive story on the White House’s reckless and incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kushner has grabbed more and more power since Trump took office in 2017, and that power only increased after the pandemic hit.

All of a sudden, Kushner is in charge of his own task force that operates in the shadows and appears to be nothing more than a scheme to enrich himself and the Trumps.

It seems that Kushner has so much control now that a former White House official says that he’s the “de facto president.”

According to Vanity Fair:

When the coronavirus exploded out of China, Kushner was the second most powerful person in the West Wing, exerting influence over virtually every significant decision, from negotiating trade deals to 2020 campaign strategy to overseeing Trump’s impeachment defense. ‘Jared is running everything. He’s the de facto president of the United States,’ a former White House official told me.”

And the “de facto president” doesn’t give a damn about helping the American people, even if Trump is somehow re-elected to a second term.

During his time in the West Wing, Kushner had become hardened to a degree that was sometimes shocking. The days of selling the notion that he and Ivanka were moderating forces were long gone—combat was everything. A New York business executive recalled a meeting with Kushner at the White House last fall. ‘I told Jared that if Trump won a second term, he wouldn’t have to worry about running again and you can really help people. Jared just looked at me and said, “I don’t care about any of that.”‘ The executive came away shaken. ‘I wanted to tell Jared you don’t say that part out loud, even in private,’ he later said. (A source close to Kushner says he has no recollection of making the comment.)”

Of course Kushner would have “no recollection” of saying that part out loud. He’s part of the Trump family. Denial and lying are literally what they do. Even when what they have said is on video for all to see and hear, they will deny ever having said it.

So Kushner’s denial means nothing and the businessman he spoke to has far more credibility. And it’s truly sad that an anonymous businessman is more credible than someone in the White House.

But that’s just the reality we are living in right now. If Kushner and Trump really cared about helping Americans, they would not be seizing supplies hospitals need to fight the virus. They would not be downplaying the pandemic either or referring to the 62,000+ death toll as some sort of “success.”

People are dying across the country, and Trump and Kushner are in a position to actually do something about it. But they only care about themselves and that is evident each and every time they speak and with every action they take or don’t take.

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