According To Report, Inside Source Says Dr. Birx Is Rather Upset After Donald Trump Called Her “Pathetic”

Even Dr. Birx seems to be getting fed up.

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Donald Trump has officially gotten himself into a “feud” with the only two actual medical professionals to get a place on his Coronavirus Task Force.

Trump’s disdain for Dr. Anthony Fauci came pretty early on, as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has refused to peddle Trump’s rhetoric and antics at the expense of his own reputation and the health and safety of Americans since days one.

However, it took a bit longer for Donnie to get his knickers in a twist with Dr. Deborah Birx.

While speculations and theories have swirled as to why, with some even going so far as to postulate abuse from Trump and his administration, Dr. Birx has been far more accommodating of Donald’s incessant ridiculousness — so much so that she’s earned herself a rather dismal reputation among her CDC peers.

But it looks as though even Deborah had her limits.

It was nearly impossible to miss the Trump tantrum that ensued after Dr. Birx contradicted Donald’s “all is well” rhetoric by admitting that the coronavirus is “extraordinarily widespread” in the United States and followed that up by stating that she has “tremendous respect” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a sworn Trump enemy since day one.

As a result of Dr. Birx toeing out of line in Trump’s eyes, the “president” of this country took to his trusty, dusty Twitter account to blast the doctor. Ultimately calling her “Pathetic!”

And now, a new report from CNN, with information coming from an inside source, claims that Dr. Birx didn’t take too kindly to Donald’s attack against her.

The report from CNN reads:

Dr. Deborah Birx was bothered by President Trump’s tweet criticizing her after she offered what she believed was an accurate assessment of the current state of coronavirus outbreaks in the US, a person familiar with her reaction tells CNN.

Trump criticized Birx after she warned Covid-19 is ‘extraordinarily widespread’ in the US.

Birx has often sought to toe the line between directly contradicting the President while accurately portraying the data she pores over. She had been warned something like this could happen. But it wasn’t just that comment that drew the President’s ire, another person said. Trump was also irritated by her answer that she had ‘tremendous respect’ for House Speaker Pelosi.

Birx was in the Oval Office with Trump yesterday, though a person declined to elaborate on what the interaction was like.”

There’s no way of knowing what is truly going on between Dr. Birx, Donald Trump, and his administration behind closed doors. We can only hope that this is the beginning of Deborah finding her courage to stand up to America’s worst nightmare and start working towards saving this country before it’s too late.

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