Actor Michael Rapaport’s Expletive Laden Response To Trump Losing The Election Is What We All Want To Say

All of this.

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Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, and let’s just say that he is taking the president’s defeat with enthusiasm. We’ve known that Trump would lose to former vice president Joe Biden, but now, it’s set in stone. Trump is a raging narcissist who will not make a graceful exit to heal this country. Trump has made it clear that he only cares about Trump, while Americans suffer through multiple crises.

Rapaport isn’t giving Trump a pass. Trump, by the way, has been golfing again amid the raging pandemic that has brought this country to a standstill — so the president deserves every word Rapaport threw at him in the video clip he posted on Twitter, reminding us of what a “dick stain” Trump is — and he’s not fond of the president’s children, either.



Twitter users weighed in.

Our republic needs to heal after living with the cruelest president in recent history at the helm. While Americans are suffering, Trump’s constant listing of his grievances has nearly come to an end. And sure, Trump won’t go quietly, but President-elect Joe Biden isn’t taking his shit. Trump’s reign of terror is over. Americans are already celebrating on the streets. But, we’ll never forgive the man who unleashed unspeakable cruelty on so many people. Society will shun him, and one day, his supporters will throw out their MAGA hats in shame.

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