Aides Close To Donald Trump Reportedly Claim Ex-President Is Growing “Increasingly Agitated” And “Anxious” Over Jan. 6th Committee Recent Revelations

He should be worried.

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As more and more nuggets of information are dropped by the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, former President Donald Trump has become increasingly agitated, according to what sources familiar with the matter told The Guardian. And Trump should be nervous since the committee has interviewed hundreds of people. Trump is reportedly concerned that he might be implicated in the sprawling inquiry into the attack.

“The former president in recent weeks has complained more about the investigation, demanding why his former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, shared so much material about Jan. 6 with the select committee and why dozens of other aides have also cooperated,” the outlet reports.

“Trump has also been perturbed by aides invoking the Fifth Amendment in depositions – it makes them look weak and complicit in a crime, he has told associates – and considers them foolish for not following the lead of his former strategist Steve Bannon in simply ignoring the subpoenas,” the report continues.

“When Trump sees new developments in the Capitol attack investigation on television, he has started swearing about the negative coverage and bemoaned that the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, was too incompetent to put Republicans on the committee to defend him,” the outlet reports.

“The former president’s anger largely mirrors the kind of expletives he once directed at the Russia inquiry and the special counsel investigation when he occupied the White House,” The Guardian reports. “But the rapidly accelerating investigation into whether Trump and top aides unlawfully conspired to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory at the Jan. 6 joint session appears to be unnerving him deeply.”

Trump should be worried.

“House investigators are expected to soon surpass more than 300 interviews with Trump administration officials and Trump political operatives as part of a process that has yielded 30,000 documents and 250 tips via the select committee’s tip line,” the report adds.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the vice-chair of the Jan. 6 committee, publicly remarked last week, suggesting that the former President might be held criminally responsible in connection with the Capitol attack. Trump hasn’t been held accountable for anything in his entire life, but trying to attempt a coup is something that won’t be overlooked.

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