Listen To Federal Judge Laugh At Donald Trump’s Attorney’s Defense Of The Ex-President In Recently Released Audio

I don't know whether this is hilarious or pathetic.

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It seems that Donald Trump’s team of attorneys have hit an all-new low with their newest “defense” of the ex-president — and I use the term “defense” here very lightly because it hardly is.

Recently, attorneys for the one-term, twice-impeached former president submitted a legal briefing, in which they falsely claimed that Donald Trump has already been cleared of any wrongdoing, with regard to the infamous, violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, by the FBI as well as the Senate.

In the briefing filed by the legal team, they claim that two separate investigations into the matter have concluded that Trump is innocent of any wrongdoing connected to the violent Capitol insurrection. This claim is categorically false.

“Notwithstanding their allegations and insinuations of conspiracy,” the briefing reads, taking a jab at the bipartisan special committee that was constructed to investigate the January 6th riot at the Capitol, “investigations by the FBI and the Senate Committee on Government Affairs and Homeland Security rebuff their contentions of wrongdoing by Trump Administration officials.”

Trump’s attorneys presented this hair-brained argument to the Honorable Judge Tanya S. Chutkan today, and it was strikingly easy to see that she wasn’t buying a bit of what they were trying to sell.

In an audio recording that was captured of their presentation and recently released, Judge Chutkan asks the attorneys, “What’s your basis for that assertion?”

“Just a published article,” one of the ex-president’s attorneys responded. “from Reuters … quoting the FBI…”

“You cite an article …” Chutkan said before letting out a chuckle that sounded to be full of complete disbelief at this guy’s absolute audacity. “I mean, that’s your only support for that statement?”


As mind-boggling and unbelievable as this is, it really happened.

You can listen to the recording right here:

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