Aides Say Trump Gets Very Angry When Someone Questions If He’s Actually Serious About A 2024 Run: “He Misses Being President Terribly”

You're not supposed to question the man baby.

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Look, we all know good and damn well that, provided that he’s not sitting in a jail cell wearing an orange jumpsuit, Donald Trump is going to take a third crack at the White House in 2024. Hell, knowing him, he may very well attempt it even from prison. Despite the fact that he hasn’t officially announced any of his political ambitions, and the fact that Manhattan’s DA office is is rapidly closing in on him as they convene a grand jury to investigate the mounting evidence against him and his family-owned business, aides say the former president still has his sights set on the White House.

POLITICO’s Playbook reports this morning that the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president, along with his eldest children, are facing down some pretty serious trouble as the possibility of an actual indictment gets larger and larger. And it’s not just Trump and his family under the microscope here. Several Trump Organization officials are getting the squeeze from New York prosecutors, namely the Trump Organization CFO, Allen Weisselberg, who many people believe will soon flip on Donald Trump in an effort to save his skin and his son’s. According to aides to the former president, Donald Trump is beginning to really feel the heat of it all.

“There’s definitely a cloud of nerves in the air,” one advisor to the ex-president revealed, adding that this particular legal development feels different than all the rest Trump has come up against in the past. “I think the Weisselberg involvement and the wild card of that makes the particular situation more real, because there’s no sort of fluff and made-up fictional circumstances around the guy.”

“The fact that they’re dealing with a numbers guy who just has plain details makes people more nervous,” the Trump advisor added. “This is not a Michael Cohen situation.”

Evidently, Trump is insisting that the convening of a grand jury in his tax fraud investigation was just yet another partisan attempt to take him down (like everything is, according to him) and aides say that he gets rather angry, rather quickly if someone dares to question his seriousness about running for the presidency again in 2024.

“He’s missing being president terribly,” one aide revealed, claiming that Trump’s motivation behind a potential third crack at the White House isn’t entirely a defense tactic.

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