Aides Were Reportedly Left Stunned By Donald Trump’s Apparent Obsession With His Staffers’ Sexuality, Would Allegedly Often Show Off Photos Of Women He Claimed To Have Been Intimate With

This is a whole new level of gross.

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According to New York Times correspondent and so-call “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman’s bombshell new upcoming book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, many of Trump’s aides were left absolutely stunned by the then-president’s obsession with the sexuality of his staffers — often pelting them with oddly personal and inappropriate questions, launching disgustingly homophobic remarks against those he perceived as or thought may be gay, and going out of his way to lay an onslaught of photos of women he claimed to have been intimate with on those around him.

Maggie’s book highlights that Trump’s obsession with the sexuality of those around him appears to be driven by his deeper-seated obsession with appearing masculine and virile to those around him. These obsessions reportedly manifested in a variety of startling and unsettling ways, including a meeting he had with Vice President Mike Pence and his campaign aide Jason Miller in the early days of his presidency, where he openly declared that Miller certainly “likes the ladies,” according to reporting on the matter from The Daily Beast. 

“You know how sometimes someone turns out to be gay later and you knew?” Trump said according to Maggie’s upcoming tell-all. “This guy, he isn’t even like one percent gay.”

Apparently, Trump was deeply fixated on the notion of the mere possibility that those around him might be secretly gay, prompting him to become consumed with speculating on their sexuality. Haberman reveals that Trump often openly mocked Trump Organization executive Alan Marcus as “queer” and “bragged that he paid the executive less.”

Haberman also reported on revelations from former employees that the then-president would often show off photos to anyone who would pay attention, of women whom he claimed to have been intimate with in the past.

“They also recalled Trump mocking gay men, or men who were seen as weak, with the words ‘queer’ or ‘f*ggot,'” Haberman writes.

The New York Times correspondent goes on to describe one particular incident just one week before the second presidential debate in 2016. During a practice exercise to prepare for the debate, then-adviser Reince Priebus played the role of a female transgender student and posed a hypothetical question to Trump about using the girl’s restroom.

Donald Trump’s response reportedly stunned the entire room into an uncomfortable silence.

“C*cked or dec*cked?” Trump allegedly asked in response.

Eventually, an unidentified individual broke through the awkward silence by suggesting “dec*cked,” prompting Donald Trump to physically make a chopping gesture with his hands.

“With c*ck or without c*ck?” Trump doubled down, according to Haberman.

One of his advisors interjected and asked why it mattered. Trump claimed that the answer to his question would determine the way he answered the question posed to him by Priebus.

“What if a girl was in the bathroom and someone came in, lifted up a skirt, and a schlong was hanging out?” Trump allegedly shot back, according to Haberman’s book.

Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, is set to hit shelves on October 4th.

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