NYT’s “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman Revealed She Has Fielded Terrified Texts From Trump Insiders, Panicked That Surprise Testimony Will Land Ex-President An “Incitement” Charge

His own people know he's about to go down.

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Hot on the heels of the bombshell surprise testimony from Committee witness and former White House aide to Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson, New York Times correspondent and so-called “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman reveal that she’s been fielding an influx of text messages from insiders within Trump World, many of which are now thoroughly panicked that yesterday’s bombshell witness testimony will soon bring down charges of incitement against the corrupt former president.

There is absolutely no doubt in pretty much anyone’s mind that the bombshells dropped by Hutchinson yesterday afternoon were downright damning for Donald Trump — ranging from the fact that he and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows knew full and well that many of his supporters at his infamous Stop The Steal rally were armed to the gills with deadly weapons and body armor, to the unhinged and downright violent reaction Trump had upon learning that he would not be allowed to go to the Capitol with his raging, unhinged mob, where they would go on to violently siege the government building with Congress inside.

Now, Haberman has taken a deep dive into the reactions coming out of Trump’s inner circle on the heels of the damning new testimony. The NYT correspondent tells of one rather backhanded assessment to come out of Trump’s innermost circle, writing, “One Trump associate, speaking on condition of anonymity, downplayed the impact of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, acknowledging that it painted a picture of Mr. Trump as unhinged on Jan. 6 but saying that this should surprise no one at this point.”

Haberman went so far as to put together a series of quotes and various observations she was made aware of through Trump World insiders who confided in her after the brutal testimony. And suffice it to say, many of them are scared out of their wits:

– One trusted current adviser called the testimony ‘a killer.’

– Current and former aides to Mr. Trump sent one another messages as the hearing took place, describing a series of disclosures that they conceded were potentially quite damaging, mostly politically but also, potentially, legally.

– If Mr. Trump was indeed warned that people were armed and still encouraged them to walk to the Capitol, some advisers said privately, that could potentially bolster a charge against him related to incitement.

– (S)everal current and former Trump aides also expressed concern about the committee’s suggestion, at the tail end of the day’s hearing, that someone close to Mr. Trump has tried to tamper with or intimidate the committee’s witnesses by reminding them that Mr. Trump reads the panel’s transcripts. Such interference could be prosecuted criminally.

Just recently, we reported on Haberman’s revelation that Trump and his family were feeling “some anxiety” over the building investigations. Now it seems like his closest allies and insiders know he’s going down as well.

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