Alan Dershowitz Gets Defensive On Twitter After Reportedly Being Named At Least 86 Times In Unsealed Maxwell Documents

'Captain Underpants' is in trouble.

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Donald Trump’s chief impeachment defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz is in deep sh*t after his name appeared a staggering 86 times in documents related to the case against Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell which were officially unsealed.

Dershowitz’s association with Epstein is well-known, including by his own admission.

Maxwell is accused of child sex trafficking and helping Epstein repeatedly rape his victims. In the case of Giuffre v. Maxwell, Virginia Giuffre alleged that Epstein used her as a sex-slave and passed her around to powerful men such as Prince Andrew of England’s royal family. She also named Dershowitz as one of the powerful men she was forced to service, claiming that the incident occurred at Epstein’s New York residence and elsewhere.

The testimony is damaging to Dershowitz, who responded to the unsealing by claiming that he demanded the documents be released to the public.

Dershowitz has previously admitted to getting a massage from a girl at Epstein’s residence and claimed that he kept his underwear on the whole time.

He then continued panicking by posting the same tweets over and over, including this one.

With all that in mind, Twitter users mocked his lame defense.

If it’s not clear, Dershowitz should be very worried because Maxwell could turn him in, in exchange for a deal to save herself. And by then, Trump may not be in office to pardon him. Maybe he and Trump can share the same jail cell.

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