Alex Jones May Have Finally Lost His Mind, Claimed Judge In His Trial Acted “Demonically Possessed” And Suggested They’re Part Of A “Cult”

He's lost it.

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I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found myself thinking, saying, or writing the phrase, “You can’t make this stuff up.” And, while I mean it every time I say it, I don’t know that I’ve ever meant it quite as much as I do in this particular instance.

As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, InfoWars’ Alex Jones has been in one deep, piping hot pot of water these days in relation to the massive ongoing lawsuit lodged against him by families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, after Jones used his large public platform to defame those said victims.

A judge has already determined that the ultra Right-wing talk show host is, in fact, guilty of what the lawsuit alleges. This week’s trial Jones moved forward with the purpose of determining what the financial damages that Alex will be left owing to the families.

Ultimately, the Right-wing InfoWars host was smacked with an absolutely brutal judgment, totalling just short of $50 million in combined compensatory and punitive damages to just one of the Sandy Hook families who have lodged a lawsuit against him

Throughout the trial, Jones had a habit of not showing up to portions of his trial, though that did nothing to stop him from attempting to publicly paint the judges and attorneys involved in his trial as “demonically possessed” and part of a “cult.”

Jones made the insane assertions during a recent episode of his controversial broadcast, taking aim at Judge Maya Guerra Gamble as well as the lawyers that have worked on the trial.

“It’s demonic,” Jones fumed shortly after the show opened. “They all act demonically possessed, the judge, the lawyers, it’s surreal to be around them.”

“And it makes you feel sorry for them because these people are committed a cult ideology of the New World Order and they’re never going to stop,” the InfoWars host went on to rage. “They’re getting rid of all the checks and balances, all of our basic freedoms. They’ve gutted the border, they’re promoting pedophilia everywhere.”

“They have been turned loose,” Jones complained. “When I talk about ‘they’ I mean the general crazed mob of the left.”

In the following segment, the Right-wing conspiracy theorist went on to openly attack Judge Gamble as “goblinish.”

“I finally got to see a real goblin,” he said while laughing. “This is a giant exercise in raping our freedom.”

You can watch the unhinged clip right here:

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