Life Just Went To Hell For Alex Jones After He’s Ordered To Pay Staggering $42.5M In Punitive Damages To Sandy Hook Families, Following Yesterday’s $4.1M Ruling

Alex Jones is officially screwed.

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Ultra Right-wing InfoWars host Alex Jones was already whining last night about the $4.2M judgement he was slapped with in compensatory damages to the family of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis who was a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, following last year’s guilty verdict in the defamation lawsuit lodged against him.

Jones essentially begged his followers to buy up his InfoWars merchandise in an effort to help foot the bill and keep his “bankrupt” platform going. But after today’s absolutely brutal ruling, he better start asking them to sell their houses and their firstborns if he expects to make even a drop in the bucket of what he owes now.

According to breaking reporting from The Daily Mail, life went from bad to much, much worse for Jones today, as the jury deliberated on punitive damages to the family and determined that the Right-wing conspiracy theorist now owes the Sandy Hook family an absolutely staggering $45.2 million on top of the $4.1 million he was ordered to pay in compensatory damages yesterday.

“Alex Jones is worth almost $270 million that we know of,” an attorney for the victim’s families said in closing today, directly contradicting Jones’ claims that he’s bankrupt. “Please take an amount that punishes him, and an amount that ensures he never does this again.”

Two additional trials in relation to Alex Jones’ defamatory remarks on the Sandy Hook shooting are slated for September, one in Texas and one in Connecticut. In the Connecticut trial alone, a total of 8 families will be represented, according to the report.

“We ask that you send a very, very simple message, and that is: stop Alex Jones. Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies,” the lawyer told the jury ahead of their deliberation.

On the other hand, Jones’ attorney, Federico Andino Reynal, asked that the jury order a measly $270,000, based on his assertion that the Sandy Hook topic got very little air time.

Read the full bombshell report from the Daily Mail here.

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