Alex Jones’ Private Texts Were Publicly Exposed, Appeared To Expose His Deeply Depressing Home Life That He Called A “Black Hole”

Things certainly aren't always as they seem.

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No one will soon forget the massive shitstorm that went down late last year, surrounding ultra Right-wing radio host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and his own attorney’s epically massive screw-up that resulted in the talk show hosts’ private text messages landing in the hands of the opposing legal team amid Jones’ Sandy Hook trials — which he brutally lost, by the way, and ended up owing millions upon millions to the families of the victims he defamed on his platform.

Things have only gotten worse for Jones with regard to the text message blunder, as now the Southern Poverty Law Center has published the conspiracy theorists’ private conversations to the general public, and in addition to just being downright embarrassing, the text messages are shedding damning new light on Jones’ apparently tumultuous and downright depressing home life.

Jones has long been publicly touting himself as the epitome of a home-grown, Conservative family man. A man’s man, if you will. A pillar of respect among his peers, his family, and his wife. The embodiment of the “Alpha Male,” the American Dream, pulsing vitality, manliness, and testosterone in a skin sack. The man that all men should strive to be.

But lo and behold, Alex’s private (or, rather, once private) conversations paint a far different picture of the bloated, red-faced, loud-mouthed InfoWars host.

A far different picture, indeed.

If anything could be dubbed a recurrent theme among Jones’ once private text conversations, it’s his highly toxic and contentious relationship with his own wife, showing that the radio talk show host even went so far as to have his spouse tailed by a private investigator. Though, frankly, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that Jones infamously had his ex-wife followed by PIs as well.

But the irony and drama get deeper still, the more you dig in, as the text messages go on to show that Jones himself was engaged in an extramarital affair with a married woman, while simultaneously having his wife followed by private investigators.

The newly-released messages go on to expose the detailed, graphic sexual requests Jones made to his married mistress.

However, perhaps the most interesting and telling thing to come from the texts is how transparent and deeply vulnerable Jones seemed to get with regard to his tumultuous and deeply depressing home life. In his messages, many of which were sent to Jones’ father — 72-year-old dentist from Austin, Texas, David Jones — Alex pours his heart out about his home life, which he personally describes as living “in Hell,” being part of “a sick joke,” and sinking down into a “black hole.” Interestingly enough, as reported by SPL Center, Jones’ father never responded to his son in this thread.

Read the full report from the SPL Center here.

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