Alleged Secretly Recorded Phone Call Reportedly Revealed Michael Flynn Doesn’t Actually Believe The Far-Right Conspiracies He Publicly Peddles

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Wouldn’t you know — yet another Republican talking head has chalked up to be nothing more than a big, fat liar.

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn is well known from coast to coast as a massive proponent of the far Right-wing QAnon movement and all the conspiracy theories that go along with it. The man has sold t-shirts, auctioned off quilts, and taken an official pledge — all in the name of a batshit crazy “movement” that believes the likes of Barack Obama and Ellen Degeneres drink baby blood to stay young and traffic children in Wayfair cabinets.

But as it turns out, it looks like ole General Flynn knows just as well as the rest of us that the bullshit he’s peddling is just that. Bullshit.

According to a bombshell new report from The Daily Beast, there appears to be a secretly recorded phone call that was allegedly released/published by GOP lawyer Lin Wood and reviewed/reported on by The Beast that features Flynn admitting that the QAnon movement is “total nonsense” — even going so far as to claim that the elaborate, Pro-Trump movement and accompanying conspiracy theories are actually just a CIA-sponsored “disinformation campaign.”

In the recording, a voice that sounds like General Michal Flynn can be heard saying to Wood, “I think it’s a disinformation campaign that the CIA created, that’s what I believe now.” The same voice goes on to add “I find it total nonsense, and I think it’s a disinformation campaign created by the left.”

Wood, who is a devout Trump loyalist and subscriber to the QAnon campaign also took to his Telegram account and posted text messages between himself and Flynn.

“Here is article about Q. I have always believe it is a set up and a disinformation campaign to make people look like a bunch of kooks,” one message that Wood alleges came from Flynn reads. The text was accompanied by a link to an article for a radio show hosted by Hal Turner. Turner is an infamous far-Right commentator, a convicted felon who pushes Holocaust denial theories and blatant white supremacy.

Note that Political Tribune, as well as Business Insider, have been unable to verify with certainty that the recorded phone call or the text messages released/published by Lin Wood are legitimate or hail from former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Insider reports that neither Wood nor Flynn has responded to requests for comments.

However, it’s certainly worth noting that Flynn’s alleged thoughts and feelings on the QAnon movement are certainly a stark contrast to his public statements and behavior.

The Beast reports that Lin’s leak of private conversations between himself and Flynn come amid an ongoing and ever-worsening feud between the pair after Kyle Rittenhouse recently accused Wood of keeping him incarcerated in an effort to raise more money off his high-profile case, only to use the majority of that fundraising for personal benefit.

You can read the full report from The Daily Beast hereBusiness Insider’s coverage here, and a tweet thread featuring the alleged secret recording here:

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