First Lady Jill Biden Unveiled Stunning WH Christmas Tree Full Of Presidential Photos And Americans Can’t Ignore The Hilariously Perfect Placement Of The Trumps’ Photo


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Just earlier today, we reported that First Lady Jill Biden offered Americans yet another breath of (this time a little chilly!) fresh air when the White House Christmas season decor was unveiled. As expected, Dr. Biden has positively outdone herself with her warm, personal touch to the presidential holiday season — a staggeringly stark difference from the cold, unforgiving, and almost sterile environment we suffered through when Melania Trump was in charge of the Christmas decorations.

First Lady Biden’s theme this Christmas season was “Gifts From The Heart,” and featured as part of the decor was a stunningly beautiful Christmas tree that she decorated with photos of past United States presidents and their spouses — a move that we couldn’t imagine Melania Trump pulling off in a million years. It was reported that many of the photos were never before seen, as they came directly from Dr. Biden’s personal scrapbook. In keeping with the theme of the White House Christmas tree, the First Lady even included a photo of Donald and Melania Trump, because she’s a mature adult rather than a couple of toddlers in cashmere and gold.

To say the very least, as much as we loathe and despise the previous pair, we absolutely admire Dr. Biden’s poise, grace, and maturity.

However, as images of the Christmas decor began to circulate around social media, we and the rest of the Twitter-sphere just couldn’t help but notice the particular placement of the Trumps’ photo on the tree.

CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett posted photos of the White House Christmas tree on Twitter:

She was also sure to make note of where the Trump photo was placed:

As you’d expect, social media users got quite the kick out of the whole thing:

Look, Jill’s a far better woman than I’ll ever hope to be for the simple fact that she included it at all.

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