Americans Expressed Anger As Trump’s Public Schedule Showed No Activity Amid Raging COVID-19 Pandemic: “While Trump Golfs, The Numbers Grow”

Doesn't he have a job?

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Donald Trump once again visited one of his own golf clubs as the country remains caught in several intensifying crises, from the raging COVID-19 epidemic to anti-racism protests. And the extended unemployment benefits to tens of millions of jobless Americans are set to expire; evictions are about to peak, which will make the homeless rate in the United States spike. Over one hundred and ninety-three thousand Americans have died from the coronavirus, the disease this president failed to act promptly on when he first learned of the looming threat.

So, of course, Trump went to his Bedminister golf club in New Jersey, and his public schedule is blank. I’m old enough to remember Trump repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for golfing, and now the former reality show star is outpacing his predecessor.

Twitter users pounced.

I’m starting to believe that Donald J. Trump is intentionally destroying this country for some treason reason. There just isn’t any other explanation. There are only 52 days until the presidential election, and Trump once again went to his golf club amid the national crises. Trump doesn’t have a drop of empathy in him. He’s shitposting on Twitter right now while he’s kicking back at his golf club on our dime.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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