Americans Outraged After Ivanka Trump Apparently Led An Official Coronavirus Call With Top Officials

She should have known we wouldn't take well to this.

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It’s certainly no big secret as to who Donald Trump’s favorite child is.

Now don’t get me wrong, they’re all spoiled little wastes of a good trust fund in their own special, unique way. Don Jr. uses his daddy’s clout to get away with blatant threats on social media and score some permits to kill a bunch of endangered animals. Eric is the king of all grifters under his family name and honestly just uses his pops’ presidency to make sure people even know who he is. Even Tiffany Trump has been accused of having her bodyguards answer questions for her in school. And Barron is just, well, Barron. We’re holding out hope for the guy given that he’s still just a kid but honestly, it’s probably pretty futile.

And then you have Ivanka.

We already know that Donald has a tendency to think of his eldest daughter more along the vein of an extra wife that he really wants to sleep with rather than one of his children. Frankly, that’s bad enough in itself. But to make matters worse, Ivanka is the only Trump child who’s been given heaps of official authority within the government that not only does she not deserve, she’s not even remotely qualified for.

Here recently, the Trump administration help a phone conference with officials in New Jersey to discuss the coronavirus outbreak in the second-worst hit state in the US.

But guess who got to do all the government-ing and lead that call.

You betcha. Ms. Fake Gucci Stitch herself.

Not only was Ivanka unnecessarily in on the call, she actually led the conference and promised federal aid to the state, as if she even has the authority to do so.

New Jersey State Police superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan said in a statement:

“It is readily apparent that New Jersey has a special place in Ivanka’s heart and we are very grateful that she took time to thank members from our state team and our federal partners from FEMA and the US Army Corps of Engineers. We could not manage this crisis without the assistance from our federal partners and today’s video teleconference with Ivanka and her team was yet another reminder of that.”

But while Col. Callahan may have been okay with it, the rest of us were not:

Stick to your fake purses and stay out of the government, sweetie.

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