Americans Put Secret Service And FBI On Notice After Former Trump Aide Posts Disgusting Video Bragging About Giving Homeless People Fake Money So “They Get Arrested”

This is genuinely one of the most sickening things I've ever heard.

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Furious Americans put the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on notice after a former high-ranking Trump White House aide posted a video, in which he openly bragged about giving homeless people counterfeit money with the sole purpose of getting them arrested when they try to spend it.

The horrifying video was posted on TikTok by Johnny McEntee — who began his time in the Trump White House as a bodyman and personal aide to the president only to be fired by John Kelly after failing a security clearance background check that discovered a Department of Homeland Security investigation against him for gambling debt issues and then rehired by Trump as the Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office.

McEntee posted the clip under The Right Stuff account, a right-wing dating site that he co-founded, and bragged about his scheme to “clean up the community” by purposely getting homeless people arrested for counterfeit bills he gave them.

In the TikTok video, which features the former high-level Trump aide recording from his car, McEntee says, “So I always keep this fake Hollywood money in my car, so when a homeless person asks for money, and I give them like a $5 bill, I feel good about myself, they feel good. And then when they go to use it, they get arrested, so I’m actually helping to clean up the community and get them off the street.”

Social media users were absolutely livid, rightfully so, and took it upon themselves to repeatedly tag the Secret Service and the FBI, putting the law enforcement entities on notice about what the former high-ranking Trump aide has been doing:

You can watch the original TikTok video here:

@daterightstuff Just a joke. Everyone calm down #fyp ♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff

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