“He Was Used To Getting His Way”: Adult Film Star And Alleged Former Trump Affair Partner Openly Described Being Pressured By Donald Trump

This genuinely makes me sick to my stomach.

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Stormy Daniels’ long-awaited tell-all documentary has finally been released and is streaming on Peacock and it’s chock full of details and revelations that, quite frankly, we weren’t prepared for — and we were prepared for a lot.

One of the main themes touched on in the tell-all film by Daniels — an adult film star, alleged former Trump affair partner, and producer of her own tell-all documentary — is her personal experience with Donald Trump’s deep-seated desire to control the balance of power with anyone he meets, even long before he came to hold the highest office in the United States, including her during their sexual incidents.

The Daily Beast’s Laura LeMoon published an extensive op-ed on the new documentary, titled Stormy, that’s now streaming on the Peacock streaming service, and noted that Stormy Daniels — whose government name is Stephanie Clifford — took a deep dive into all of the unsettling and deeply disturbing details about her first encounter with Donald J. Trump, the man who would go on to serve as the 45th President of the United States, and have a check cut to Daniels to keep her mouth shut about their affair.

According to the documentary, Daniels and Trump first met at a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in July of 2006. At the time, Stormy was only 27 years old and Trump was a 60-year-old wealthy New York businessman and real estate mogul, at the height of his Apprentice reality show fame. Most notable was the fact that the encounter between the two took place just months after Donald’s wife Melania had given birth to their only son together, Barron Trump.

It was during this event that Trump invited Daniels back to his hotel to have dinner with him. Daniels arrived early and said that she was planning to discuss business with the infamous New York mogul, only to knock on the door to his room and find the man who would eventually go on to become the President of the United States clad in black silk pajamas.

“He was a playboy and he was used to getting his way,” Stormy says of Trump in the documentary, going on to describe him as a “goofy reality star.”

She goes on to reveal that Trump sexually propositioned her as he came out of the bathroom in his hotel room. Daniels pointedly states that the encounter between herself and Donald Trump was consensual, but clearly noted that she felt extreme pressure that discouraged her from turning down his advances, due to his stature and influence at the time.

“I didn’t want it, but I allowed it to happen,” she said of her sexual encounter with Donald Trump in her Stormy documentary. “I blame myself because I didn’t shut his a– down in the moment.”

Years after her encounter with Trump, following his climb up the political ladder to the highest office and power in the nation, CNN’s Anderson Cooper would ask Daniels point blank if she had wanted to sleep with Donald Trump at the time.

“No,” she responded, “But I didn’t say no.”

LeMoon, in her piece with the Daily Beast, writes, “As a sex worker myself, I can tell you that most people assume an adult film actress is fair game. [Daniels] does it for a living, people might argue, so why would her ‘no’ count? And it’s not hard to imagine a certain presumption on the part of a man who has said he likes to ‘grab ’em by the p—y.'”

“To be clear, I would never attempt to define Daniels’ experience for her. She is the only one with authority to speak on her experiences,” LeMoon adds. “Daniels has historically said in interviews that this was not ‘rape.’ However, the documentary brings up questions around the issue of consent, power, and misogyny that go beyond just one woman’s experience.”

In addition to her bombshell documentary, Daniels is slated to deliver equally damning testimony at Donald Trump’s upcoming criminal trial in Manhattan, after District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged him with nearly three dozen felony counts of falsifying business records, connected to a $130,000 payment made to Daniels during the 2016 election cycle in an effort to buy her silence about their affair, in an effort to protect his projected and eventual presidential victory.

Such charges would typically only be misdemeanors, however, Bragg has argued that Trump’s actions warrant felony charges, as the crimes were committed with the purpose of advancing his presidential bid, thereby making the hush money payments an illegal campaign contribution.

Trump’s infamous hush money trial is slated to take place in late April of this year.

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