Americans Torched A “Sweaty, Rambling” Mike Lindell After He Appeared To Short Circuit When His Phone Rang During His Big Speech

Well, that was weird.

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has built his reputation on the notion that he’s a recovered and redeemed drug addict, turned business owner.

Lindell founded his pillow company while he was still apparently addicted to crack, and credits his successful addiction recovery to his faith in Jesus Christ.

But y’all, Jesus let him down during his speech here recently.

Recently, the far-Right, MAGA-loving, election conspiracy theorist pillow salesman delivered a big, rowdy speech last night, during a Reawaken America event. But if I’m being frank, I couldn’t even really focus on what he was rambling about, because the guy was an absolute hot mess. Kinda literally.

Taking to the stage for one of his trademarked, unhinged rants, Lindell appeared to be positively glistening with sweat and seemed rather fidgety — leaving people to wonder if maybe he’s not quite as “recovered” as he thinks. That, or all that crack permanently burnt through some really important brain cells.

But things managed to get even worse still when the MyPillow CEO’s cell phone rang in his pocket while he was midways through the delivery of his big speech, appearing to completely short circuit the former crack addict on stage.

Popular Twitter user Ron Filipkowski described Lindell’s reaction as “a little discombobulated.” See for yourself:

It seemed Mike just straight up did not know what to do with himself or his cell phone.

Twitter quickly got to torching the guy:

If that’s your response to a telephone ring, Mike, you might oughta get that checked out.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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