Americans Were Absolutely Outraged After “Despicable Human Being” Jim Jordan Dirty Deleted Tweet Calling The Story Of A 10-Year-Old R*pe Victim “Another Lie”

He deserved every bit of that.

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Americans are ripping Trump-loving Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan a new one, and rightfully so, after the controversial Republican lawmaker got busted trying to do some seriously shady damage control when he up and dirty deleted a tweet, in which he had labeled the story of a 10-year-old rape victim who had to travel out of state for an abortion as “another lie.”

Jordan’s disturbing remarks (made all that much more disturbing when you take his own highly controversial past into account) came on the heels of an executive order signed into effect by President Biden last week that allows for certain federal protections for abortion access — during which the president cited the story of the 10-year-old rape victim who was forced to undergo extenuous travels to acquire an abortion for the pregnancy that resulted from her rape. The executive order unsurprisingly sent Republican heads spinning and led to many GOPers, Jordan included, doubting the legitimacy of the child’s rape case.

Quote tweeting a post from the Washington Examiner that claimed there was no evidence to support the story of the pregnant 10-year-old rape victim, Jordan captioned his now-deleted tweet, “Another lie. Anyone surprised?”

Despite the concerted effort by the GOP to discredit the story of the child rape victim, the incident was officially confirmed on July 13th. Jordan, of course, did not address the fact that he essentially wrongfully called a 10-year-old rape victim a liar, instead just deleting his offending tweet and posting a tweet that linked to a report that confirmed the story and called for the prosecution of the child’s rapist.

But Jordan seemed to forget the fact that the internet is forever… And the American people let him know it, while also reminding the controversial Republican House rep. about his own dirty past:

Perhaps this will teach him to think before he tweets moving forward. Screenshots last forever, Gym.

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