It Seems Alex Jones Has Finally Hit True Rock Bottom, Pathetically Begs Followers To Buy InfoWars Products In The Aftermath Of Colossal $4.1M Judgement

Welcome to rock bottom, Jones.

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After a long, tumultuous, embarrassing trial this week — that frankly saw more pure, unadulterated humiliation than any one person could stand — it seems scandal-ridden InfoWars host Alex Jones has finally reached the deep, dark depths of rock bottom, precisely where he belongs.

This week has seen a mountain of reporting regarding the trial that’s been ongoing between the Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims — after the families of the victims sued the radio show host for defamation over remarks made on his platform, suggesting that the deadly shooting was faked.

Jones has already lost this battle, so to speak, when he was found guilty of defaming the families through his platform. This week’s trial was set to determine the amount of financial damages Jones will be responsible for. As of this evening, that amount has now been set at over $4 million and counting.

And as of yesterday evening, Alex Jones has officially been ordered by a TX jury to pay $4.1 million to the family of a 6-year-old who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, as a direct result of the suffering Jones caused to the family by using his platform and website to spread heinous, harmful lies about the legitimacy of the massacre — a colossal number that is only expected to increase as the trial goes over punitive damages today.

And now it seems Jones is turning to his own followers to help him pay it all.

In a truly pathetic video posted to his InfoWars website last night, in the aftermath of the brutal judgment, the conspiracy theorist finally openly admitted that the derogatory, defamatory, and dangerous remarks he made about the Sandy Hook victims and their families were flat-out not true.

“I admitted I was wrong,” Jones said in the whiney video. “I admitted I made a mistake. I admitted that I followed disinformation, but not on purpose. I apologized to the families.”

“And the jury understood that. What I did to those families is wrong but I didn’t do it on purpose,” he added.

Jones couldn’t possibly address his followers and fans on the matter without launching a nasty attack against the judge that presided over his case, whining to his viewers that she repeatedly told the jury that he was guilty. Of course, she did that, because he is. This week’s trial only saw a decision on the financial damages that Jones would be held responsible for in the defamation case, as the Right-wing talk show host had already previously been found guilty of defaming the victims and families in last year’s trial.

And then came the part where things got truly pathetic.

Alex whined that the $4.1M and counting judgment was “more money than my company and I personally have. But we are going to work on trying to make restitution there.”

He went on to add that the InfoWars company is “in bankruptcy right now. We’re maxed out. We can barely keep the crew employed. We are fighting hard for your First Amendment, your Second Amendment, your 10th Amendment, your sovereignty.”

Many recent reports have indicated that the company’s bankruptcy could actually be a ploy to help Jones avoid having to ultimately pay up.

But nevertheless, Alex proceeded to make an appeal to his followers for some of that cold, hard cash.

Jones said that InfoWars has “a plan to stay on air through this bankruptcy. We have a reorganization plan,” but warned his viewers, “if you don’t fund us, if you don’t buy products at, we will shut down.”

Jones’ supposed financial detriment was called into serious question during this week’s trial, with a document presented that showed the InfoWars company apparently raked in a whopping $800,000 per day just from ridiculous merchandise alone, ranging from bizarre dietary supplements to survivalist and prepper gear.

“We are so broke that I’m not even worried about that [$4.1] million,” Alex whined in the clip. “I’m worried about our bankruptcy to emergency stabilize Infowars and we have a plan. But to do that, we need support.”

Watch the clip here:

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