An AI Bot Reportedly Had To Be De-Programmed From Using English Grammar To Be Able To Understand Trump

Jesus, he really is that dumb.

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Evidently, Donald Trump’s mental mess is so difficult to keep up with that an Artificial Intelligence robot had to be created to help wade through the muck and mire.

But honestly, that’s not even the weirdest part of this, guys.

Apparently, Trump’s spoken words are a disaster of such epic proportions that the poor robot actually had to be de-programmed from proper English grammar to be able to decipher his word salads.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times did a profile on the creator of the AI bot, Margaret, who’s cataloged more than 11 million of Donald Trump’s words including those spoken and in tweets, dating all the way back to 1976. The bot is employed by Amazon to help answer Trump-related questions posed to Alexa, the signature AI being inside all of Amazon’s smart devices.

Using the database of 11 million Trump words, the AI bot can tell whether Trump is angry, lying, and even how much stress he’s under.

In the profile, the bot’s creator, Bill Frischling, admitted that he had a very difficult time in programming Margaret to even figure out what exactly it was Donald Trump was saying, much less tell if he were lying versus telling the truth.

“It was still trying to punctuate it like it was English, versus trying to punctuate it like it was Trump,” Frischling stated to the Times.

At one point, the bot even crashed due to the never-ending rants, rages, and clauses in one of Donald’s speeches.

Frischling ultimately ended up having to bring in a scientist with a Ph.D. in machine punctuation to help him figure out how to make Margaret understand the mess that is Donald Trump. In the end, they had to de-program the bot from understanding English syntax and grammar and reprogram her to understand Trump’s nonsense specifically.

“Every word he says makes Margaret smarter and allows her to make more subtle distinctions,” the bot’s creator stated.

The bot works by monitoring Donald’s stress levels and gestures when he speaks and then running them against independent fact checks to determine if what he’s saying is the truth.

Frischling noted that, unlike most people, Donald’s stress level seems to go down when he’s lying. However, he noted that Trump’s wild gestures come to a screeching halt when he’s angry.

“When he stops making gestures, that’s the — watch out,” he said. “Whatever’s about to happen, hang on to your tush.”

Quite literally, an AI bot had to be made dumber to understand the man who has access to the big, red button.

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