Former Kushner Employee Claims His COVID-19 Flubs Are “Painfully Familiar” And That They Fit A Pattern Of How He Behaved When He Was Her Boss

It turns out Kushner has always been an incompetent little brat who lacks basic empathy.

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President Donald Trump’s son-in-law has not just been incompetent and reckless in handling the coronavirus crisis, it’s part of a pattern that began in the private sector before he weaseled his way into the White House through nepotism.

Jared Kushner’s own private coronavirus task force has been a disastrous failure, seemingly serving as more of a way to help the Trump family profit off the pandemic than to actually help people.

Apparently, Trump and Kushner both have an utter lack of empathy for the millions of Americans suffering across the country after more than 75,000 have died and the death toll looks to skyrocket due to their bad decisions.

This recklessness, incompetence and lack of empathy, however, is not new. It’s been around for years going back to before Kushner was brought to the White House when he was in the private sector.

When Kushner owned the New York Observer, former chief editor Elizabeth Spiers recalled in an op-ed that he couldn’t even muster empathy while delivering a eulogy for an employee who passed away, preferring to brag about his own performance as a boss and insulting the rest of the employees in attendance.

“This is basically Kushner’s modus operandi, and it’s painfully familiar to me because he was my boss,” Spiers wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post. “When I knew him, he seemed constitutionally incapable of considering the humanity of other people as a starting point. Relationships were primarily transactional, and this failure of empathy permeated everything he did.”

She also pointed out that Kushner’s repeated failures in the White House would have resulted in his firing in any other administration.

“In any normal administration, an adviser with Kushner’s string of failures would be fired, but Kushner, like his father-in-law, keeps crediting himself with imaginary successes,” she wrote. “Most recently, he declared the administration’s coronavirus response ‘a great success story,’ a mind-boggling assertion that raises the question of what, if anything, Kushner thinks failure looks like. He has also continued to bash the actual experts, disputing their assessments and implying that they, not he, are the amateurs, and he is here to clean up their mess.”

But Kushner’s father-in-law is responsible for the mess and he has only made it worse. His shadow group has operated behind the scenes and has made very little progress. Meanwhile, more Americans are getting infected and more are dying. His obsession with reopening the economy is about to escalate the crisis to even grimmer heights.

Yet, Kushner has been praised by Trump for his failures instead of being punished.

“As of today, Kushner’s string of failures have not resulted in any kind of demotion or reprimand, much less dismissal,” Spiers wrote. “(Whatever happened to the Office of American Innovation? What has it done? Who’s demanded results?) They act like they think they should get credit for any effort at all, for stooping to bother.”

And you can bet that Trump will continue putting Kushner in charge of things despite the fact that he is clearly out of his depth and should not be in the White House at all.

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