An Attorney For Scandal-Ridden Alex Jones Under Brutal Fire After A Surfaced Video Showed Him Pulling His Pants Down And Repeatedly Using The N-Word During His Comedy Routine

This is so disgusting.

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Ultra Right-wing conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones certainly has a plate full of scandal and trouble as it is — between the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit he’s brutally losing, his recent bankruptcy of his media company behind InfoWars, and his sudden desperation to sing like a bird to the DOJ about January 6th, in hopes that ratting Donald Trump out will earn him some leniency and immunity — and his own lawyer certainly isn’t making anything better for him.

According to a new report from HuffPost, Jones’ attorney Norm Pattis is now sitting in a big, fat pot of his own controversy after video footage surfaced showing him doing a recent comedy set, in which he yanked his pants down on stage and tossed around the N-word numerous times.

Pattis reportedly did a stand-up comedy routine in East Haven, Conn., on March 21st, where he can be heard saying on video, “You just can’t say certain words, they’re off-limits. And one of those words is n****r.”

The disturbing footage of the Jones attorney’s stand-up comedy routine surfaced this week and featured him going on multiple unhinged rants about controversial subjects in the US such as the Black Lives Matters movement. The surfaced clip also shows Pattis using multiple racist and homophobic slurs during his routine, all while his pants were hanging around his ankles. The attorney also went on a seriously outdated tirade about former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his infamous silent protest when he kneeled for the National Anthem all the way back in 2016.

Comedian Teddy Ren spoke with HuffPost for the report, on the topic of Pattis’ use of the N-word during his comedy routine. Ren says Pattis initially tried to dance around the use of the hateful racial slur but noted that as soon as he actually said it, the entire mood and vibe of the routine made a drastic shift.

“I wanna watch a ballgame and there’s Colin Kaepernick, ‘I’m in church,'” Pattis said in the portion of his routine where he ranted about the former quarterback. “I don’t wanna hear about that, I don’t wanna hear about Black Lives Matter. You know, even the commercials are fucking political now.”

“But anyhow, the N-word, right, can I say the N-word? I guess not, I’m gonna get beat up in a parking lot, but I’m going to try. Ready? Ready?” Pattis prodded the audience before further teasing at saying the word, “Nnnniii…”

Ren goes on to explain the drastic shift Pattis’ routine took towards the very end, “You see, when he gets to the very end of it, there is no joke. He just pauses, and he has a lot of charisma onstage ― never seen him drop charisma ― but in this moment he kind of seemed like he was second-guessing it.”

“It was like I watched his body glitch. And then he said it, and it’s not even a joke. You literally didn’t even deliver a joke. It felt like he wanted to say it because he knew I was right there,” Ren said.

The clip of the video quickly and unsurprisingly spread like wildfire on social media, catching the attention of and subsequent backlash from Black Lives Matter activists, including a local organizer for the anti-racism organization, Black Lives Matter 860, Ivelisse Correa.

Correa spoke with HuffPost and said, “He can’t blame this one on Ambien,” referencing Rosanne Barr’s infamous racist tweets that she blamed on the sleeping medication. “I’d like to know why he feels that that was appropriate in any context. This isn’t about comedy, or the spirit of being edgy. As we grow as a society, we learn that things are no longer appropriate: homophobia, sexism, racism. Those things have also fallen out of favor in comedy. So attempting to resurrect that, as someone who claims to be for civil liberties, is disgusting.”

Good luck getting out of pretty much anything now, Alex.

You can watch the disturbing clip right here:

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