NYT Reports “Bankrupt” Alex Jones Has Reached Out To The Justice Department, Looking For An Immunity Deal To Snitch On Trump Over The January 6th Capitol Riot

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Life is going to Hell for InfoWars’ Alex Jones — as the conspiracy theory host files for bankruptcy under his InfoWars media outlet amid the ongoing Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit lodged against him, citing “financial distress” — and it certainly seems as though he’s desperately looking for a way out, loyalties be damned.

The federal investigation into Donald Trump and his people’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election has gained a significant amount of steam over recent weeks, with the DOJ reportedly going so far as to bring in a well-regarded new prosecutor to help spearhead the probe, as well as one potential, extremely high-profile witness that’s on the hunt for a deal.

According to a bombshell new report from the New York Times, none other than Alex Jones, who played a key role in the notorious “Stop the Steal” movement, has now reached out to the US Department of Justice and is currently in discussions about a possible immunity deal in exchange for essentially ratting on the ex-president, with regard to the 2020 coup attempt and the details of the infamous rally that led to the violent, deadly January 6th Capitol attack.

Via his attorney, Jones says he has reached out to the federal government in the form of a formal letter, in which he conveys “his desire to speak to federal prosecutors about Jan. 6.”

Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis maintains that his client did not engage in any “criminal wrongdoing” on that fateful day, despite the fact that he led chants of slogans about 1776 as he headed a crowd of Donald Trump’s supporters in their march to the US Capitol building as violence was already breaking out all around them.

Jones has clearly requested immunity from prosecution in exchange for his cooperation and an interview with federal investigators.

“He distrusts the government,” Jones’ attorney explained.

Jones’ sudden willingness to essentially rat on the ex-president comes on the heels of yet another recent bombshell development in the federal government’s growing investigation into the Capitol attack and Donald Trump’s attempted coup after Ali Alexander, a prominent organizer of the “Stop the Steal” rally and a close associate of Alex Jones has also agreed to testify in the DOJ’s investigation after he reportedly received a subpoena.

This certainly seems to serve as a clear indicator, if ever there were one, that the federal government under President Biden’s administration is steamrolling ahead with their investigation into Donald J. Trump — and it looks like they’re already managing to get some of Donald’s closest confidants to squeal like pigs. I can’t only imagine it’s about to get so much worse for Trump from here on out.

Read the full report from the New York Times right here.

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