An Ex-Employee Said Trump Has Herpes: “Crew Was Warned To Wear Gloves When Handling His Water Glass”

Well... That could explain a whole lot.

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Folks across the nation and around the world have long been speculating the state of Donald Trump’s health. Whether it be a terrible, untreated case of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, the after-effects of a few strokes, burnt brain cells that bought a one-way ticket to Crazy Town as a result of decades of Adderall abuse, or a wildly unchecked case of neurosyphilis — there’s no denying that the dude’s got something wrong with him.

The way he walks, the way he talks, those unscheduled trips to Walter Reed that he tries to pass off as early annual physicals (which we all know is bull) — it all points to some pretty severe health issues in the president.

Over the past few years especially, tidbits of information have been made public that help to build the case against Donald’s claims of a sparkling clean bill of health. Some of these scraps of information have come from experts who have examined his symptoms from the outside looking in and offered up their professional opinions, some of it has come from leaked health information, some of it derives from everyday, average Joes simply having enough sense to deduce based on the evidence, and some of it has come down the spout from former Trump insiders who were once close to the man that would go on to “run” the United States for four long years.

Former Apprentice employee turned stand-up comedian, Noel Casler, has proven himself as one of those (at least somewhat) reliable sources since Trump took office.

While there’s often no way to confirm with 100 percent certainty the majority of Casler’s claims, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that, frankly, if anyone would know these sorts of things, it would be him.

It’s thanks to Noel that we have a better idea of the depths of Trump’s alleged drug addiction and we’ve been graced with more than a few pieces of juicy information of the rest of the Trump family, as well.

In one Casler bombshell to make waves on social media, the former insider alleged that Trump’s past promiscuity may have more than a little to do with his painfully awkward ways. According to Noel, Donald has Herpes:

[Valtrex is a common anti-viral treatment for the Herpes Simplex virus.]

Donald himself has made public his lack of sexual discretion throughout the course of his life and considering that W.H.O. estimates that approximately two-thirds of the global population has some sort of Herpes infection, it’s really not that far-fetched.

Social media users wasted no time weighing in on the newest revelation:

Again, there is no way to confirm these claims with 100 percent certainty, as I really don’t think Donald will be subjecting himself to a public STD check any time soon. But as with the rest of the Casler revelations, it’s hard to deny how likely it is.

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