An Ex-WH Official Left Us Questioning Donald Trump’s Health, Described Startling Times Ex-President Would Completely Forget Conversations He Just Had Moments Before

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The concerns and theories surrounding ex-President Donald Trump’s health have been swirling for years now. However, a few recent developments have certainly brought our questions front and center once more.

Recently, former Trump White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman made waves in the media when she made the cryptic assertion that Donald Trump should be honest with his supporters regarding his health if he’s going to run for president again in 2024 — without lending any further details as to what health issues she was referring to. Trump himself then solidified these questions and concerns when he publicly confessed that he may not actually run for president again at all, citing “health reasons,” despite his numerous hints at a 2024 run over the past year and, of course, giving no details as to what health issues he’s facing.

These developments brought a specific revelation into the spotlight, hailing from former Trump White House aide Stephanie Grisham’s new tell-all book.

Raw Story reports that in Grisham’s new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, she recalls returning to the Trump White House after her bout with COVID-19. Grisham writes that about a month after her diagnosis with the virus, then-President Trump summoned her into the Oval Office dining room, where he sat with Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino, and Pat Cipollone.

“As I approached and POTUS saw me, he held up his hand. Looking at me as though I were Typhoid Mary, he forbade me to come any further than the doorway,” Grisham writes.

“Hi, honey, how do you feel?” Trump asked Grisham, according to Raw Story’s reporting on Grisham’s book. The former Trump aide said his greeting made her feel at ease despite not being allowed into the room fully. “The meeting was about, except that I remember standing awkwardly at a distance from everyone—a literal outcast. At some point, maybe ten minutes in, his mood turned and he went into a rage. He started yelling at Pat Cipollone, telling him that all of his lawyers were ‘weak,’ that no one would fight for him. The usual.”

However, Grisham reportedly claims that the meeting took a rather strange turn at that point.

“And where the f*ck have you been?” Trump allegedly then screamed at Stephanie. Grisham claims it was “as if he remembered nothing of our conversation only minutes earlier.”

“I’m the only president with a PR person who is never around! I haven’t known who to call for anything, just left with nothing!” Trump reportedly continued to rage, going on an unhinged rant about how no one working for him was any good at their jobs and he needed “fighters.” According to Grisham, this was one of a handful of times she left a meeting with Donald Trump and cried in her office.

Back in February of this year, it was reported that Steve Bannon suggested that Trump has dementia during a conversation with former CBS producer Ira Rosen. Grisham’s recount also mirrors claims made by Omarosa in her own tell-all bookUnhinged, in which she describes Trump as “rattling around in the White House with rage and confusion.”

Donald’s own father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 87 and ultimately passed away just 6 years later. Over the years, numerous armchair diagnoses have raised suspicions about similar health problems in the former president. These developments certainly make that look likely.

You can read the full report from Raw Story here.

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