As Americans Struggle To Make Ends Meets, Ivanka Posted A Video Of Her Kids Washing Their Hands With 39-Dollar Soap

Never mind the fact that people can't pay rent, huh?

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The coronavirus has hit the American public hard, and I don’t just mean the illness itself. Don’t get me wrong β€” the illness is bad. So far, the spread of the virus has yet to show any signs of stopping, as the United States has hit the number one spot with the biggest COVID-19 outbreak in the world, and people are still dying of the illness at an alarming rate.

At this point, people all across the nation are stuck inside their homes, unable to see their friends and family, hoping and praying that no one starts getting a cough, shortness of breath, or a fever. Frankly, it’s pretty much the only way to try to “flatten the curve,” especially given our federal government’s unimpressive response to the pandemic.

However, the necessary steps required to try to slow the spread of the outbreak are presenting some secondary problems that are almost as bad as the virus itself.

As a result of the social distancing, isolation, and quarantine guidelines expected out of Americans during this trying time, millions of people are out of work. Their place of business has been closed down, some indefinitely, thousands of workers have been laid off as companies pick and choose the employees that are absolutely essential, and no one has any sort of solid idea as to when things are supposed to be back to normal β€” all while the Republicans at the top are far more concerned with bailing out big corporations, as usual, than making sure that you and I can pay our light bill.

That’s why the majority of us “regular Joes” out here in the real world aren’t taking too kindly to it when folks like Ivanka Trump make a point to flaunt their privilege in our faces.

Recently, the First Daughter rounded her kiddos up and posted a video of them washing their hands to her Instagram account with a caption about proper handwashing amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

That’s really great that your kids know how to wash their hands and all. But it certainly didn’t go unnoticed that her hoodlums were scrubbing their palms with a bottle of Aesop hand soap, which costs an astronomical $39 a bottle.

It certainly wasn’t ignored by social media users either, many of which are currently trying to figure out how to feed their families while Princess Ivanka buys soap that costs more than my water bill:

I’m guessing she learned her Marie Antionette impression from her step mommy.

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