Rachel Maddow Fired Off On Trump After POTUS Thanked Her On Twitter: “You Are Leading The Worst National Response In The World”

In case you hadn't noticed, Donald: You DO NOT have a friend in Rachel Maddow.

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It’s pretty unsurprising that Donald Trump is looking for an ally in pretty much anyone he can find these days, as his entirely mucked-up response to the coronavirus pandemic that’s currently ravaging our nation has left him with few friends to show him the love and appreciation that he evidently needs to survive.

However, MSNBC host and political commentator Rachel Maddow made it damn clear that he wouldn’t be finding one in her.

Recently, Maddow conducted an interview with Gen. Todd Semonite, chief of the Army Corps of Engineers in which they discussed the efforts being made by the US military to help combat the overwhelming influx of COVID-19 patients, including the construction of new hospitals as the number of infected across the United States continues to grow exponentially.

Evidently, Donald saw it as a golden opportunity to paint Maddow as a supporter of his administration, frame her interview as evidence of his success, and thank the MSNBC host (who’s a very loud Trump detractor) for “showing how GREAT a job the Federal Government is doing!”

The prominent media personality was quick to shut that narrative down before it even had a chance to get started, issuing a response directly to the president himself reminding him of her true feelings about him and his administration.

“Hi, Mr. President — Thanks for tweeting that interview,” Maddow’s tweet back at the president began, uncharacteristically kind in tone. But trust me, her friendliness towards the president ended there.

“Gen. Semonite and the Army Corps are indeed doing great work, but at nowhere near the scale that is needed,” her tweet continues.

Referring to the US, Maddow adds that we are “hundreds of thousands of hospital beds behind, months behind schedule, and we’re about to see the number of sick patients surge and hospitals overflow in multiple US sites at once.”

And then she got down into the nitty-gritty of it, calling Trump out specifically:

Frankly, now is not the time to allow the president to get his kicks where he can find them. We have to stand strong and show this administration that their response to this crisis is absolutely unacceptable. And Maddow is doing a damn fine job of leading by example if you ask me.

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