As Trump Speaks During His Presser, Truckers Can Be Heard Honking Their Horns, But POTUS Claims “They’re Protesting In Favor Of President Trump As Opposed To Against… That’s The Sign Of Love”

That's the opposite of what happened.

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Donald Trump gave remarks on any advances that have been made for a vaccine to fight the novel coronavirus. It was quite the spectacle as the two experts in the background wore protective face masks while Trump did not. While the former reality show star was speaking, car horns continued to blare out from truckers who are facing economic hardship from the pandemic. Truckers are bringing the nation’s food supply to Americans, and they are at the front lines during the national crisis.

Trump somehow thought — or wanted everyone else to believe — that the truckers who are protesting by honking their horns during Trump’s briefing are “protesting in favor of President Trump … that’s the sign of love.” That’s absolutely not what’s happening, but OK.


If they’re cheering the president on, then why are they interrupting Trump’s speech? I’m just throwing the obvious out there. The truckers aren’t partisan in their protest. They’re suffering from the apocalyptic economy, as CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out.

Trump just can’t take any sort of criticism, and he lacks empathy for Americans who are in need right now. Over thirty-six million Americans have suddenly found themselves unemployed as they stay at home to flatten the coronavirus. More reporters should reach out to the truckers who protested today. Their brilliant form of protest certainly caught the nation’s attention. It’s too bad the president is too stupid to realize what was going on, though.

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