Trump Slurred And Mumbled, Appeared Sedated During White House Briefing: “Dickofsen, Hologic, And Sefay-Fef-Sefahyde”

Those benzos were hitting a lil different.

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Speculations surrounding Donald Trump’s drug use have been swirling around for years and years now. Pretty much every time he speaks at this point he reeks of some sort of substance abuse or another — not to mention a pretty good helping of a cognitive disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s if you ask the professionals.

But every once in a while something will happen that just throws you for a hard loop, even by Donald Trump’s standards, and leaves you thinking, “There’s no way in Hell this guy isn’t high as a moonbat right now.”

And with that, I present to you Exhibit A:

Trump was recently gearing up for a White House meeting with industry executives regarding his response to the nation’s massive outbreak of coronavirus and evidently he chose the benzos in lieu of the Adderall that day and felt the need to spread a little love.

I’m pretty sure he’s saying, “I love everybody” in that clip. And I listened about a bazillion times to make sure.

Perhaps it was an attempt at “Hello, everybody.” But either way, you’ll notice that his eyes are all droopy, he’s mumbling and slurring, and overall just looks like he’d really dig a good Xanax-fueled nap right about now.

Believe me, I’m not the only one that took notice either.

Twitter users were quick to weigh in with their own thoughts:

Even Noel Casler, a former Trump employee who’s made it his mission to bust the Trump’s out on their nonsense had something to say about it:

Frankly, the dude just got worse as the day went on. Check out his intro to his presser:

And this is the guy that’s supposed to save us all from a pandemic… Oof.

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