Attorney Told Judge There Is “Strong Reason To Believe” More Indictments Are Coming In Trump Org Case As More Than 3 Million New Documents Were Reportedly Found In Co-Conspirator’s Basement

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Earlier this year, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg turned himself in to the authorities after he was officially indicted on 15 different charges, including an alleged tax evasion scheme, in connection to the investigation into the former president’s company. According to CNN, more indictments will be filed in the case, Weisselberg’s lawyer said in court.

“We have strong reason to believe there could be other indictments coming,” Bryan Skarlatos said at a pre-trial hearing in New York State Supreme Court.

Prosecutors have discovered more evidence, The Daily Beast reports, and it doesn’t look good for the Trump Organization.


“Prosecutors have discovered a tranche of evidence in the basement of a co-conspirator in the Trump Organization tax fraud case, a defense lawyer for indicted chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg revealed in court on Monday, with the attorney also signaling that more shoes are yet to drop in New York’s ongoing investigation,” the outlet reports.

“Skarlatos also referenced a private conversation that Weisselberg—along with his defense lawyers and prosecutors—had with the judge before proceedings were open to the public, revealing that prosecutors had discovered tax documents related to Donald Trump’s company in the basement of an unnamed co-conspirator,” the report continues.

“It’s unclear who that co-conspirator might be, but according to two sources close to the investigation, prosecutors have been more closely scrutinizing Matthew Calamari, a Trump bodyguard who rose through the ranks to become the company’s chief operating officer,” the report adds. “Others have theorized that it might be Jeff McConney, the company comptroller who has long served as Weisselberg’s deputy—and who has already testified before the grand jury.”

According to CNN’s Kara Scannell, it’s unclear “who could be charged or how many people.” However, there are three million documents involved.

“He said he just received today a manilla envelope that he held up in court with a bulge in it,” Scannell reported. “And he said within that, he was told there were 3 million documents. He said these documents were found in a co-conspirator’s basement, and they were tax documents. So certainly a lot more information is getting transferred from prosecutors to the defendants.”


Donald Trump is not having a good day, nor is anyone who covers for the twice-impeached one-term president.

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