Author Of Book Claimed That Donald Trump Sits At Dinner And Rambles On To Anyone Within Hearing Distance

He's a real Chatty Cathy.

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Der Spiegel sat down with Michael Wolff, whose book ‘Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency’ was just released, and it’s already marked as a Bestseller on Amazon. Wolff told the publication that former President Donald Trump told the author that “those books you wrote were very mean,” but he still seemed happy to talk to him. In fact, it appears that Trump is happy to talk to anyone these days.

“And when Trump finished with the senator and saw me, it was like he was seeing his best and oldest friend,” Wolff told the outlet. “He said, those books you wrote were very mean and very wrong. But I don’t blame you. I blame my people who talked to you. And then he invited me to dinner with him and Melania.”

Der Spiegel asked Wolff what it’s like to have dinner with the Trumps.


“Mar-a-Lago opens up to this patio with probably 40 tables. He’s there every night, right in the middle, and there’s a little red rope that goes around where he and Melania sit,” Wolff said. “It’s not really “dinner.” They are more like the bride and groom at a wedding party. The whole night people come up to them to kiss the ring while he has a monologue going. It doesn’t really matter who he’s talking to, it’s just kind of a spray, and whoever is in front of him gets sprayed with the conversation. I, too, became a prop. Michael Wolff, the world’s greatest writer, blah, blah, blah.”

Wolff was then asked, “Has he blossomed being back in his private life?”

“Totally. But it’s not significantly different from life in the White House for him, as life in the White House was not significantly different than life in Trump Tower,” Wolff replied. “His days are just filled with people flattering him. And sometimes he flatters somebody, but it’s all basically about the sound of his own voice. Blah, blah, blah.”

The outlet asked Wolff about Trump not accepting that he lost the election.

“Completely. It’s dangerous because he’s in some other reality and manages to bring a good part of the country along with him,” Wolff added. “Even though there was not one single person in the White House, in his campaign, in his family, who took any of this seriously or who believed in any of this, you know? No one believed that he won the election. No one believed he could do anything to meaningfully disrupt the results of the election. No one believed it. No one, 100 percent no one believed that Joe Biden was not going to be the president on Jan. 20.”

As for the Jan. 6 insurrection, Trump reportedly refers to his mob of supporters as “the great unwashed.”

You can read the full interview here.

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