Barron Trump Looked “Embarrassed” In New Video Of His Dad Busting Out His Signature Cringey Dance Moves At Mar-A-Lago Easter Dinner

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Over the holiday weekend, as her husband was positively melting down in a “hypomanic episode” on his Truth Social platform, former First Lady Melania Trump hosted an Easter gathering at the Trumps’ sprawling, lavish Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where they now call home.

Various videos of the family making their entrance to the event have gone viral across social media — strangely enough, the pair’s teen son Barron appears to enter the event twice, once with his mother, and once with his father.

While social media users took note of the crowd’s response to Melania’s entrance, it was Trump’s signature moves on his way in that caught onlookers’ eyes, as Donald’s 18-year-old son Barron looked downright “embarrassed” to be anywhere near his dad, as Trump busted out his signature cringey dance moves.

Former federal prosecutor and popular X (formerly known as Twitter) user Ron Filipkowski posted video of Donald’s entrance to the Easter dinner event on social media, writing in the caption, “Trump arrives at Easter dinner with Barron showing off his signature dance moves.”

Trump’s dance moves were enough to cause a collective cringe in the comments alone, but people took particular notice of the fact that Barron Trump appeared to be embarrassed as hell, as he side-eyed his dad on the way into dinner:

Honestly, Barron is the only Trump kid left that I still kind of feel sorry for.

Featured image via screen capture

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