“Captain Capslock Is Risen”: Internet Buries Trump In Brutal Mockery Over His Deranged Easter Sunday Social Media “Hypomanic Episode”

We couldn't make this up if we wanted to...

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Scandal-plagued and cash-strapped former President Donald Trump spent pretty much the entirety of his Easter Sunday unsurprisingly melting down in a fit of “hypomanic” rage against his slew of enemies, earning himself an ocean’s worth of brutal mockery across the internet.

The ex-United States president turned infomercial Bible salesman appeared to only post one message to his Truth Social platform that actually even addressed the holy holiday, but rest assured, it was not a message of peace, forgiveness, and love, but rather just a hate message to the “many people that I completely & totally despise” — such as “deranged” Special Counsel Jack Smith and “sick” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

However, as if that one message alone wasn’t terrible enough, that’s far from the only thing Trump published on his newly public social media platform. In fact, one report yesterday confirmed that the former president spent “Easter Morning on a Social Media Bender — With Whopping 43 POSTS About Judge Engoron, Jon Stewart and More.”

To be frank, Trump’s Easter Sunday Truth Social profile read like little more than a publicized mental breakdown of epic proportions.

As you would imagine, political onlookers wasted no time in letting their thoughts loose on Donald Trump’s apparent manic episode.

Conservative Army Iraq War Veteran Peter Henlein posted a screenshot of Trump’s meltdown to X (formerly known as Twitter), simply stating, “Guy seems nervous.”:

The Shallow State, a group dedicated to “exposing and explaining behavior underlying politics so as to unlock truth, described the former president as “having a hypomanic episode.”

“Post after post after post. Short posts. Reposts. At least 50 of them so far today. His gut is a simmering stew of agitation, rage, and desperation. His malignant pathologies rule him, filling his head with fantasies of violence and revenge alongside visions of regaining his grandiosity. BUT TODAY, THERE’S MORE. He has a NEW fear now,” the group wrote in a lengthy post on X. “He’s losing his mind – his acuity. He knows it now. He hates himself for it. He hates being pulled back, not being able to absorb adulation at rallies. He hates hearing people tell him he needs to be careful. Neither you nor I can EVER feel the kind of desperation and rage Trump feels now. This is a man terrified that all that he is, and all that he ever said he was – his entire lifetime of secrets and lies and false constructs – is crumbling into ash. This is a malignant narcissist in decline.”

A parody page mimicking Special Counsel Jack Smith wrote, “Happy Easter. Captain Capslock is risen.”

Another popular parody account, Spiro’s Ghost, ironically wrote, “This is not parody.”

“Trump just posted this ‘Easter message’ to cap off nearly *100* other posts and reposts replete with deranged levels of malignant narcissism and lunacy,” the account captioned a screenshot of Trump’s Truth Social post yesterday. “ANYONE who still supports this utterly unhinged maniac is as depraved as he is—there are just no words.”

This is the same guy who’s desperately trying to sell you $60 “God Bless America” Bibles. We literally can’t make this stuff up.

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