Barron Trump’s Voice Seemingly Revealed In Mysterious New Recording And People Can’t Get Over How Eerie It Is

Frankly, that is not what I was expecting.

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A viral new video that’s spreading like wildfire across social media has finally revealed what Barron Trump’s “grown up” voice sounds like, and it’s catching a lot of people off guard.

Donald Trump’s youngest son, the only child he shares with his third and current wife Melania, has been catching a lot of new media attention in recent weeks, as he recently turned 18, graduated high school today, and has seemingly been dipping his toes into the world of politics, even going so far as to give his ex-presidential father some political advice.

In fact, the media all but lost their collective minds when reports confirmed that Barron had been selected as an at-large delegate for the Florida Republican National Committee to bolster his father’s campaign, leading Americans to believe that Donald’s youngest son was already making his formal political debut. However, the whole thing was quickly squashed when the office of Barron’s mother, former First Lady Melania Trump, released a no-nonsense statement saying that her only son was regretfully declining the delegate offer due to prior commitments.

Nevertheless, people are keeping a close eye on the youngest Trump spawn as he prepares to begin carving his own path in the world as a bona fide adult.

With the new attention, a video clip is now circulating on social media that hears Barron Trump speaking for what we believe to be the first time caught on a recording since the teen was a tot — and people are finding it quite eerie.

The clip appears to hail from an event that likely took place at his father’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort, and shows the teen talking to another attendee. The background noise in the clip is extremely loud, making it rather difficult to make out with complete certainty what Barron is saying, but it sounds like he asks, “Impressed with this?” before going on to add, “That was the best…(something.)”

Take a look and listen for yourself:

People on social media were quick to notice that the 6’7″ teen sounds a lot like his family, including his father and brothers, while others had their own thoughts:

While many may not find this new clip all that newsworthy, it’s worth noting that the last time we really heard Barron Trump speak, he sounded like this:

Featured image via screen capture 

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