Billboard Warns “Moscow Mitch” To Impeach Trump Or Risk Losing His Job Ahead Of Kentucky Reelection

Ruh-roh, Mitch!

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In 2010, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not put his constituents first but instead said that his top priority would be to ensure that President Barack Obama served only one term. Well, that never happened and now, Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry is being blasted across the airwaves, possibly harming the “president’s” chances of reelection. Republicans are losing seats and McConnell is in the crosshairs with a new mobile billboard by the Need to Impeach campaign warning the Kentucky Senator to move in favor of impeaching Trump or “lose his job.”

After all, Matt Bevin just lost his job as Governor of Kentucky to a Democrat — and that probably keeps McConnell up at night.

The mobile billboard, featuring a nickname for McConnell, will be driven around Washington, D.C. “Moscow Mitch: Do Your Duty or Lose Your Job,” the billboard reads, which also features his stupid face.

Newsweek reports:

Need to Impeach and other groups have targeted McConnell before, but the campaign’s lead strategist Kevin Mack told Newsweek that ‘things are different’ since Republican incumbent Matt Bevin narrowly lost the Kentucky gubernatorial election last week to Democrat Andy Beshear.”

Elections have consequences and the exodus of Republicans from office is jaw-dropping. Bevin sucked up to Trump, too, and that’s likely a very big part of why he lost his reelection. Republicans know the recent elections are a warning shot, and Need to Impeach is making sure McConnell is reminded that his job is on the line.

Mack told the news outlet that if McConnell decides not to do his job, Republicans will lose the majority in the Senate and Trump will then lose the 2020 election.

“We will have a whole different United States of America,” Mack said.

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