Body Language Expert Claims Photo Jr. Shared Of Himself Holding Gun Shows He’s “Not Comfortable In His Masculinity”

Looks like he gets his insecurities from his daddy, too.

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For such a bunch of arrogant assholes, the entire Trump clan is made up of some seriously insecure little man babies.

Of course, we all know that Donald’s self-esteem is as fragile as the hair that’s been precariously glued to his head. The man has complexes about everything from his height to the size of his hands. And God knows he simply cannot tolerate it when someone says something mean about him.

But in case you hadn’t realized it yet, Donald isn’t the only one bearing the “Trump” last name that has a mental hang-up over their confidence and how the rest of the world perceives them.

They really want us all to believe that they’re big badasses with insurmountable and inconceivable strength and power — when in reality every last one of them is in dire need of some love from their parents and a good few rounds of therapy with a licensed professional.

Donald’s namesake, Donald Trump Jr., recently made quite the display of insecurities and fragile masculinity when he posted a photo to his Instagram account of himself wielding a firearm featuring a customized magazine for the AR with a painting of Hillary Clinton behind bars.

Of course, Twitter users wasted absolutely no time jumping all over Junior’s little pissing contest with himself — if for no other reason than the fact that he’s a super-colossal asshat.

But as it turns out, they weren’t that far off the mark when it came to their assessment of Trump’s oldest spawn’s display of fuckboy-ness.

Well-known body language expert Dr. Jack Brown took to Twitter to weigh in on the now-infamous Trump Jr. photograph and pretty much confirmed what we’ve all known for some time now — Trump jr. is an insecure brat just like his pops.

See for yourself:

No amount of guns with Hillary’s face on them is going to make the number on that tape measure any bigger every night. Try tugging on it, dude.

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