Body Language Expert Noticed An “Unusual” Gesture Barron Trump Extended To His Dad That Could Shed Light On Their True Relationship Behind Closed Doors

There may be more to their relationship behind closed doors than we realized.

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Barron Trump is one of the only Trump children to remain largely out of the spotlight, despite his father’s presidency and subsequent White House eviction, mountain of scandals, and slew of criminal charges — due in large part that Barron was the only one of the Trump kids who was still a minor throughout the majority of his dad’s mess.

However, Barron Trump recently turned 18, he’s in his final year of high school, and people are starting to pay more attention to the small details on the rare occasions that Donald’s youngest son does venture out with his ex-presidential parents.

Most recently, of course, was Barron’s venture out into the public at the Mar-a-Lago Easter dinner hosted by his mother, where the teen appeared to make separate entrances to the event, once with his mother and once with his father — where he displayed markedly different behaviors between his parents.

But it seems there’s even more to the relationship between Barron and his parents — more specifically, with his father — than what meets the eye, according to one body language expert.

Body language expert Judi James noticed “unusual” details in the way Barron recently interacted with Donald and spoke with the Daily Express about what she saw.

James pointed to Barron’s appearance at his grandmother, Melania’s mother, Amalija Knavs’ funeral.

In several photographs from the recent funeral, Barron was seen extending his hand out to his father, almost touching Donald’s back, as they walked into the church together.

“It elicits an unusual response from their son Barron, too. Clearly tuned into his father’s mood, he extends a hand in what looks like a mimed or truncated embrace that could suggest a desire to show comfort and/or support,” James explained.

According to James, this gesture could give onlookers a brief but telling glimpse into what the bond between father and son is actually like behind closed doors.

Not too long ago, Donald did make a rare mention of his youngest son during an interview, in which he said, “Barron’s very tall – about six-eight. And, he’s a good kid. He’s a good-looking kid. He’s a great student, very good student,” going on to add that they are “looking at” the possibility of the youngest Trump heir following in his father’s footsteps by attending Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for college next year.

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