Capitol Police Reportedly Claimed Trump Supporters “Stated Their Desire” To Attack The Capitol During President Joe Biden’s SOTU Speech

This is beyond horrifying.

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Some of us may have had some sliver of hope that once Donald Trump was no enjoying the powers of the presidency, his supporters would eventually settle down and come back to some semblance of reality.

But in the few weeks since President Joe Biden took office, the MAGA crowd has made it increasingly clear that just is not going to happen. In fact, it seems they have gotten worse.

On January 6th, after more than a little inciting from then-President Donald Trump himself, thousands of MAGA supporters violently stormed and temporarily overtook out nation’s Capitol building as Congress was trying to certify the Electoral College votes in favor of Joe Biden’s election victory. But even though that violent, horrific attack on our nation’s very democracy resulted in 5 deaths, it seems the MAGA crowd is still thirsty for vengeance and blood.

Acting Chief of the Capitol Police said today that supporters of the former president’s who participated in the deadly January 6th attack have indicated that they want to “blow up” the Capitol building and take the lives of members of Congress. Threats have suggested that the group of Trump supporters could potentially target the sacred building during President Biden’s State of the Union address and Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told lawmakers today that they should heavily consider continued, high levels of security around the building.

“Members of militia groups that were present on January 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union,” Pittman stated, speaking to members of the House Appropriations Committee.

She added, “We think that it’s prudent that Capitol Police maintain its enhanced and robust security posture until we address those vulnerabilities going forward.”

So far, no official date for President Biden’s SOTU address to Congress has been released, though traditionally speaking the event takes place relatively early on in the year.

Following the January 6th Capitol riot, unprecedentedly high measures of security have been implemented in Washington, including checkpoints manned by members of the National Guard and fences equipped with razor wire.

Approximately 5,000 National Guard troops have been stationed in Washington and are expected to remain through at least mid-March.

You can watch the report from MSNBC here:

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