Capitol Rioter Who Claimed She Wouldn’t Go To Jail Because She’s “Blonde And White” Said “Prison Will Be Worth It” If She Can Lose Weight, And Plans On Doing Yoga While She’s There

It's not a spa, Karen.

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In March, a Texas real estate agent who took part in the Capitol riot took to Twitter to say that her blonde hair and white skin would keep her out of jail. That’s not what happened with Jenna Ryan, though, as she was sentenced to 60 days behind bars for her role in the deadly January 6 Capitol attack. Well, now Jenna is explaining the bright side of going to prison, even though there is no bright side. In a video hilariously titled, “Keep positive – prison fit check,” Ryan says she will use her prison time to lose weight, detox from alcohol, and practice yoga.

Specifically, Ryan wants to lose 30 pounds in prison, which is rather telling because prison food is very starchy, and inmates usually leave heavier than when they were first incarcerated. Ryan also says, “Hopefully they have those protein shakes” in prison.  She really has no concept of prison life.


Twitter users piled in.

She’s in for a real shock.

I wish her luck detoxing from alcohol in prison, but not with losing weight. She’s an idiot if she thinks they serve healthy foods in jail. And I don’t think she’ll be very popular there—just a hunch.

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