Chris Christie Took Aim At Marjorie Taylor Greene, Fired Off Against Her “Reprehensible, Crazy” Conspiracies, Urged Republican Party To Reject Her

Even Christie can't stand her.

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Look, I do not think Chris Christie is a good person. I’m just going to put that out there, first and foremost.

The former New Jersey governor has found himself rising in clout recently after he began to publicly announce ex-president Donald Trump who, up until just recently, he was extremely devout to. If you want my honest opinion, I believe that a desire for book sales and a possible stab at the White House of his own is what has ultimately fueled Christie’s sudden “change of heart.” The very change of heart that, of course, didn’t come until well after Trump was out of office and finished with destroying the nation from the inside out. It never came when it truly mattered.

That fact, combined with the fact that Christie is still very much a garbage Republican through and through just leaves me with a less than impressed bad taste in my mouth when it comes to the guy — which brings me to my point.

There’s no denying that Chris Christie hasn’t suddenly morphed into a decent human being. So, if he’s got his sights set on a particular member of the Republican party, you know they’ve gotta be pretty damn bad.

Enter Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene has long been labeled the GOP’s biggest nutcase, and rightfully so. She’s genuinely batshit crazy, even for a Republican. So much so that even Christie knows it, and he’s tired of the GOP letting her get away with it.

In his upcoming book, Business Insider reports that Christie takes aim at the Georgia House Rep. and fires off at her “reprehensible, crazy” conspiracy theories, ultimately calling on his beloved party to dump her.

In his new memoir, Republican Rescue: Saving the Party from Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden, Christie openly stressed the importance of taking the QAnon and overall conspiracy movement seriously, writing, “Isn’t it too ridiculous to merit a chapter in a serious book about the future of the GOP? No, it is not. Someone who identifies herself with the Republican Party also identifies herself with QAnon.”

The former New Jersey governor goes on to say that mainstream Republicans have a civic duty to publicly denounce Greene’s relentless “baseless, factless, absurd, and dangerous” claims and behavior. Christie notes that he specifically chose Marjorie Taylor Greene to make an example out of his point, because of her very public and long-running alignment with far-Right conspiracies as well as her openly racist and violent antics.

In his book, Christie ultimately urges members of the party he shares with Greene to denounce the Georgia Congresswoman, noting “we can’t tolerate people” who make “wild accusations.”

“Just like we can’t align ourselves with violence, corruption, abuse, or racism,” he penned. “That’s not who we are.”

The former GOP governor went on to theorize that the House’s decision to strip Greene of her committee assignments ultimately backfired and served in Greene’s favor, leaving her “no longer saddled with doing the committee work she’s been elected to do,” and she “got busy just being Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

If someone as two-faced and untrustworthy as Chris Christie is calling you out, you’re really something awful.

You can read the full report from Business Insider here.

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