City In Florida Sent Matt Gaetz A Clear Message With “Mugshot” Billboard

Oooo... That's gotta be embarrassing!

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Mad Dog PAC, a political action committee based in Florida constructed to set up billboards that are meant to criticize House Republicans in their district, was quick to make Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz one of their biggest targets with a billboard that straight called him out on his past DUIs.

The billboard erected by the Mad Dog PAC group was placed at West Navy Boulevard and Cahn Street in their Pensacola district and featured a photo of Rep. Gaetz’s 2008 mugshot from his DUI arrest with the caption “Rep. Matt Gaetz, how many DUIs have you had? The voters deserve to know.”


Gaetz was pulled over and arrested back in 2008 on his way home from a nightclub named “The Swamp” in Fort Walton Beach. Gaetz was charged with driving under the influence but the charges were later dropped and the arresting officer resigned after reports of using excessive force with DUI committers.

However, many people have long speculated that Matt was able to get off so easily on his charges due to the fact that his father was former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz.

Gaetz, who ran for Florida’s House of Representatives in 2010, with no opposition for reelection in 2014 and elected to Congress in 2016 stated to the Tampa Bay Times back in 2015 that his DUI arrest was a result of bad decisions made on his part and it’s something that he lives with.

According to a story in the Washingtonian, former Clinton White House staffer turned travel photographer Claude Taylor registered the Mad Dog PAC on Dec. 31st of 2017.

“Mad Dog PAC’s first billboard went up yesterday-against Gaetz,” Taylor tweeted soon after the billboard disparaging Gaetz went up. “Now we are working on the first wave of billboards on a number of prominent House Rs- (Darrell) Issa, Steve King, (Devin) Nunes, (Dana) Rohrabacher, Jim Jordan and more.”

Taylor explained that he feels Gaetz should address the DUI charge in a public press conference, and he erected the billboard “because he’s (Gaetz) a Trump stooge and all around TreasonWeasel,” a term Taylor uses for Republicans who whine about the Russia investigation into Donald Trump.

Gaetz, of course, being the Republican that he is, whined about the billboard stating, “Someone must be noticing my work… It’s clear retribution for my work on the judiciary committee, and I don’t mind it at all.”

Now could we just get about 40 more of these things?

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