Watch As Marco Rubio Tells Veteran That He Hasn’t Read Any Documents Or “Watched Anything” Pertaining To Impeachment Even Though He’s A Member Of Intel Committee

Rubio did not look very comfortable!

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Over the last few months, it has become increasingly clear that there simply are no lengths that members of the GOP are not willing to go to in an attempt to defend Donald Trump.

Why they have all turned to blind loyalty to this particular sorry ass excuse for a “president” over the course of the past three years we still have yet to really figure out. But whatever the GOP’s reasoning may be, it’s evidently a damn good one, as they’re obviously willing to shred every last ounce of their dignity, their self-respect, and the respect of others in exchange for being on Donnie’s good side.

As Trump’s formal impeachment proceedings have advanced, with Donald finding himself officially impeached in the House recently, and more and more damning evidence against number 45 has come to light, the attempts made by Republican Senators and Representatives to defend his actions have become increasingly desperate with each passing day.

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio made a fine example of this Republican desolation recently when he was approached by a veteran regarding Donald Trump’s impeachment.

As Rubio was headed to an elevator in the Senate hallway a veteran caught up with him in the elevator to give him a proper grilling on Trump’s bad behavior that’s led to the impeachment proceedings against him.

“You don’t feel like you have enough evidence now to say that Trump has…” the unnamed veteran began to question the Senator.

However, Rubio didn’t even give the man the chance to finish his question before he interrupted with, “I don’t even watch it,” mashing the elevator button as the veteran followed him into the elevator car.

“You don’t pay attention to the facts as they come out?” the veteran questioned.

Rubio responded, “No, because we will have a trial and all we’ll do is sit in the Senate for six weeks potentially and do nothing but hear the facts so…”

Here’s the thing, though. Senator Rubio is actually a MEMBER of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is quite literally his damn job to pay attention to the facts as they come out.

The unnamed veteran who took an elevator ride with the Senator was sure to point that fact out to Rubio, too.

“So as a Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee you don’t pay attention to the facts… And the materials.” the man stated matter-of-factly.

“I mean I read the headline,” Rubio interrupted once again in the middle of the veteran’s statement.

The veteran continued to question the GOP Senator as to how he could possibly serve as a member of the Intelligence Committee and continue to blatantly ignore the facts. Rubio continued to reiterate that “there will be a trial.” Because evidently that’s an acceptable excuse for ignoring the facts in his MAGA-fried brain.

“So you know less than I do… From the headline?” he questioned Rubio as the elevator ride came to an end.

But the veteran was far from done with the GOP Senator as they departed the elevator car, following him down the hall with a positively blistering statement.

“I know enough to know to see that, had I done, as you know as a Private in the military, 1/1000th of the things Trump has done, I would spend the rest of my life at Fort Leavenworth.”

Rubio appeared to try to shake the veteran by hopping on yet another elevator ride but had no such luck, as the man seemed to have no problem with following the GOP Senator wherever he planned to go until he said what he needed to say.

The fact of the matter is, Trump committed multiple impeachable offenses. And until these GOP members of Congress are held to their oath to the Constitution and taken to task for their blind loyalty to Trump instead of the American people, this country as a whole will never get anywhere.

It takes strong, brave people like this unnamed veteran to throw a wrench in the GOP’s bullshit game. And we applaud him.

Do your damn job, Rubio.

You can watch the clip here:

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