CNN Analyst Was Stunned By Donald Trump’s Recent Deranged Speech, Questioned The Former President’s Mental State: “This Is Someone Who Is Not Well”

The man is not mentally well.

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Frankly, we’ve come to expect that all of Donald Trump’s public speeches and appearances will be nothing short of absolutely unhinged and worthy of the locked hallway in a high-security psych ward or nursing home. However, the scandal-ridden former president’s recent big CPAC speech was so outlandish and deranged that it managed to leave even one of CNN’s top political analysts, John Avlon, rather disturbed and stunned — not by Donald’s behavior, so much, as that’s a given these days, but rather by the fact that this rambling old white fool still remains the top pick for the Republican 2024 presidential nominee.

In his segment, Avlon responded to Donald’s appearance at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference and didn’t mince his words as he warned viewers not to write the deranged, disgraced former president off as a non-issue in the impending presidential race, despite the fact that support for Trump has been very publicly waning in recent months.

“It is easy to treat Trump as a side show because if you look at his, you know, posts on Truth Social, if you look at that rambling, 145-minute lie-filled speech, you’d say this is someone that is not well,” Avlon said, making clear note of Donald’s seemingly obvious mental decline. “Yet, we need to concede he’s the front-runner for the Republican nomination and the more crowded the primary is, the more likely he is to win.”

The popular CNN political analyst went on to advise voters that it would be truly unwise to focus solely on the ex-president’s verbal goading during these events when underneath the surface layers, Donald Trump poses a serious danger to the health of the American people in bigger, gravely consequential ways.

“He is somebody who is under multiple investigations right now, somebody who tried to overturn our democracy,” Avlon said. “But that is not a disqualifier in today’s Republican Party. So I think we need to be wide-eyed about that right now.”

Suffice it to say, now is not the time to let our guard down. Don’t write off the power this man still holds over some of the worst people this nation has to offer.

See Avlon’s CNN segment here:

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