CNN Analyst Went Scorched Earth On Trump In The Aftermath Of Ex-President’s Disturbing Interview: “Trump Is Mentally Unwell”

Someone had to say it!

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CNN analyst John Harwood has had it up to here with Donald Trump’s nonsense, and he’s letting everyone know it.

Recently, the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president participated in a rather disturbing interview with Right-wing network Real American Voice, where he essentially publicly called in a favor from Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin. Ultimately, Trump asked Putin, while in the midst of the dictator’s violent war against Ukraine, to release any dirt he may have on President Biden’s family, and specifically on Biden’s son, Hunter.

Harwood wasn’t about to let this go unchecked.

“Donald Trump is mentally unwell in a way that makes him interested exclusively in what benefits him,” the CNN analyst fumed during a segment today. “Distinctions between true, false, right, wrong, America’s friends, America’s enemies are irrelevant to Donald Trump. Russia has helped him financially and politically over the years. And he has aligned himself with Vladimir Putin. This is significant not just because he was president, but he’s the leader of one of America’s two primary parties, and he might be president again.”

“This is a moment of moral clarity, when Vladimir Putin is slaughtering thousands of people in Ukraine, for Republicans who do care about the difference between right, wrong, true, false, America’s friends and America’s enemies, to reflect on whether this is the person they want to attach their party to,” Harwood went on to add. “Again, there is no evidence that … President Biden has done anything wrong. But we know that Donald Trump has aligned himself for years with Vladimir Putin. And Vladimir Putin is the butcher in this war that is going on right now.”

Frankly, people are absolutely done with allowing Donald Trump to get away with things like this. It’s appalling. It’s disturbing. It’s borderline treasonous against this country. And we have had enough.

You can watch the clip of Harwood’s segment here:

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