CNN Report Claimed Trump Hotel Is Facing “Hard Questions” About Its Future As Guest Numbers Fall

It's starting to look like everything is falling apart for Trump.

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It wasn’t that long ago that we wrote up an article on a reporter’s tweet that showed a video of a pathetically empty Trump Hotel lobby, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better for the former president’s property.

Speaking on CNN recently, correspondent Brian Todd touched on the financial situation currently being faced by Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. and it is not promising on the heels of the former president’s departure from the White House.

“It wasn’t that long ago the Trump International Hotel was buzzing, but tonight there are serious questions about its future,” Todd stated. “With Donald Trump out of office, there now seems to be little to attract guests to his gilded hotel.”


The Trump Hotel, a refurbished version of the Old Post Office Building, is on lease from the General Services Administration.

“Despite its ornate lobby, the Trump International Hotel, like other high-end locations, has been ravaged by COVID,” Todd continued. “On a recent weekend evening, a CNN employee who shot this video saw decent crowds in the lounge and at the steakhouse, but few people staying in the hotel. The next day during a weekend brunch period, our employee observed the lobby area was lifeless. Scenes consistent with the view from the editor of a newsletter who has kept close track of Trump hotels.”

“During our recent visit, a staffer noted it’s normal to have a slowdown at this time of year, but also said because of everything going on it had a different time,” he went on. “A different time from the days just before Donald Trump was elected president, the Trump International opened, touted as a crown jewel in his real estate empire.”

The Trump Organization as a whole has barely kept its head above water as of late and an additional blow to its finances is expected soon as Tiffany & Co. packs up and moves out of their temporary location in the Manhattan Trump Tower after finishing their renovations on their 5th Ave store, costing the Trump Organization a staggering $7 million in annual rent.

You can watch the CNN clip here:

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