Co-Founder Of Trump Media Has Turned Over Damning Evidence To The Feds Exposing Alleged Truth Social Corruption, Fraud, And Trump’s Bizarre Demand To Turn Over Some Company Shares To Melania, According To WaPo

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According to bombshell reporting from the Washington Post, federal investigators have recently received a treasure trove of evidence that point to even more crimes committed by scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump — who is already drowning is constantly mounting legal perils from every conceivable direction — related to his floundering Twitter copycat social media platform, Truth Social.

But, believe it or not, that’s not even the most scandalous thing to come out of the explosive reporting from the Post. Far from it, in fact. As it turns out, that trove of damning evidence came from the hands of none other than Trump Media & Technology Group (the driving force group behind Truth Social) former senior vice president of operations, Will Wilkerson.

The Post reports that Wilkerson is currently pursuing whistleblower status from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is of the full belief that Donald Trump personally forced out the social media company’s co-founder, former Apprentice contestant Andy Litinsky. Wilkerson reveals that he believes Litinsky was ultimately pushed out because he refused Trump’s demand to turn over several of his company shares to the now ex-president’s wife, former First Lady Melania Trump.

The former Trump Media executive went so far as to provide the Post and federal investigators with an email he received from the company’s co-founder, in which Litinsky said that Donald Trump was retaliating against him.

Washington Post reports, “The email — one of hundreds of previously unreported company messages, documents, photos and audio recordings that Wilkerson has provided to the SEC in connection with a whistleblower submission — reveals a stunning portrait of the animosity that has built up inside Trump Media since its high-profile debut last year.”

Less than 24 hours before the Post report broke, Donald Trump took to his social media platform and wrote, “Truth Social was Number One on the Internet today!”

WaPo goes on to report, “Promoted as the centerpiece of Trump’s post-presidential business ambitions, the company had marketed itself as a budding media empire, with enterprises planned in social media, video streaming, live events, and online payments — a powerful rival not just to Twitter but Disney, Google, and Amazon. But inside the company, Wilkerson said, those plans gave way to bitter infighting, technical failures, and a chaotic jockeying for power among Trump allies that undermined its potential and left some employees crying at their desks.”

The report goes on to reveal that Wilkerson filed a whistleblower complaint back in August of this year, and was ultimately terminated from his position in the company on Thursday, following his conversation with the newspaper’s reporter Drew Harwell.

“Wilkerson is cooperating with investigations into Trump Media by the SEC and federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, said his attorneys, Phil Brewster, Patrick Mincey, and Stephen Bell,” the Washington Post report reads. “Among the materials he filed with the SEC’s whistleblower office is a detailed, day-to-day computer log compiled by company co-founder Wes Moss, Litinsky, and Wilkerson about their daily company-related activities. He also provided to The Post a copy of that log as well as numerous other memos, photographs, and videos that chronicled the creation of Trump Media.”

You can read the full bombshell report here.

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