Critics Are Brutally Mocking Trump After He Declared Himself “Brilliant” And “Clairvoyant”: “I Guess He Didn’t See Jack Smith Coming”

We couldn't make this up if we tried.

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In case you missed it, Trump handled the Christmas holiday much like he does any other important day (or honestly really any average day) — by publicly airing out his grievances like the contents of his private diary on whatever social media platform will take him, for all the world to see, as a public and blatant show of this country’s biggest and most embarrassing mistake we’ve ever made.

In his Christmas Truth Social post, Trump positively railed against all of his current worst enemies — with specific attention to the DOJ’s recently appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith — with a level of passive aggression that only Donald Trump can truly pull off.

But tucked away in his angry Christmas word vomit was a nugget of hilarity that literally no one could bare to ignore.

Toward the tail end of Trump’s disgruntled and unhinged holiday “greeting,” the scandal-ridden, washed-up former president openly referred to himself as not only “brilliant,” but also “clairvoyant.”

I am so serious. We could not make this up if we tried to.

We’re pretty accustomed to Trump declaring that he’s the smartest, most brilliant person to ever be alive, ever. But the clairvoyant thing really was a curveball that we just were not prepared for, if we’re being completely honest. The self-declaration of Trump’s supposed psychic abilities gave his critics all the ammo they needed to then question what exactly the deal was with things like the COVID pandemic, his humiliating election loss, the never-ending investigations, the impending indictments, and the equally brutal midterm elections, if he really can and does see the future as he claims.

The hilarity that ensued will be rivaled for years to come:

Don’t quit your day job, Donnie.

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